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AYER — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, March 27 and Wednesday, April 2:

Thursday, March 27

A.M. 12:42, Atlas, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 1:51, Molumco Park, suspicious activity; 8:35, Columbia Street, medical, one transported; 9:53, Pearl Street, emergency services; 10:10, Grove Street and Littleton Road, serve papers.

P.M. 1:40, Police station, assist citizen; 1:50, High School, Washington Street, emergency services; 2:53, Pearl Street, general services; 3:42, Wright Road, medical; 4:07, Coolidge Road, alarm; 4:37, Groton Shirley Road, vandalism; 4:44, Willow Street, fire alarm; 5:17, Old Towne Road, medical; 6:15, Dunkin’ Donuts, Park Street, assist citizen.

Friday, March 28

A.M. 12:30, New Hope Baptist Church, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 1:04, Nashoba Valley Surgical, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity; 2:35, Pleasant Street, animal complaint; 2:53, Nashoba Valley Medical Center, disturbance; 3:42, Lawton Street, medical, one transported; 6:26, ambulance and Engine 2 to Littleton for mutual aid; 9:35, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 9:46, Mt. Laurel Road, alarm; 11:28, police station, assist citizen.

P.M. 1:47, Victor Drive, general services; 4:48, Caza Manor, E. Main Street, assist other agency; 9:16, Groton Shirley Road, suspicious activity.

Saturday, March 29

A.M. 1:13, W. Main Street, suspicious activity; 2:53, Courthouse, School Street, suspicious activity; 2:58, Westford Road, noise complaint; 2:59, Atherton Street, noise complaint; 3:53, PolyOne, Fitchburg Road, alarm; 4:29, Harvard Road, assist other agency; 6:04, Crabtree Heights, general services; 6:45, Sandy Pond Road, railroad complaint; 7:51, DPW, Brook Street, suspicious activity; 9:33, Fletcher Street, vandalism.

P.M. 12:14, Grafax Inc., Park Street, annoying calls; 12:50, N. Middlesex Savings Bank, Main Street, alarm; 4:25, Mountain Avenue, medical; 4:34, E. Main Street, assist other agency; 5:26, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 5:36, Central Avenue, general services; 10:33, Grady Research, W. Main Street, suspicious activity; 10:53, KTR, Fitchburg Road, alarm.

Sunday, March 30

A.M. 12:03, Town beach, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 12:17, old Very Fine, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 12:57, Ayer Distributing, E. Main Street, suspicious activity; 1:22 Jiffy Lube, Park Street, suspicious activity; 1:28, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:29, Main Street, claim of fraud; 2:43, St. Mary’s, Shirley Street, suspicious activity; 4:00, Mulberry Circle, alarm; 5:35, Wendy’s, Barnum Road, suspicious activity; 5:35, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 5:45, Fitchburg Road, railroad tracks, suspicious activity; 9:03, W. Main Street, general services; 10:00, W. Main Street, stop and arrest.

P.M. 12:28, E. Main Street, general services; 12:43, Central Avenue, general services; 1:55, Nashoba Park, medical, one transported; 1:57, S. Shaker Road, assist other agency; 2:43, Myrick Road, medical; 4:00, Williams Street, serve papers; 6:26, Wright Road, investigate domestic complaint. 7:28, McNiff Farm, animal complaint; 7:29, Blueberry Circle, arrest; 8:41, Ayer Housing Authority, Pond Street, medical; 9:19, Willow Road, alarm; 10:03, Courthouse, E. Main Street, investigate outside odor of gas; 11:25, Nashoba Valley Medical, Old Groton Road, assist citizen.

Monday, March 31

A.M. 12:20, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 12:47, New Hope Baptist, Sandy Pond, suspicious activity; 2:59, Nashua Street, annoying calls; 4:35, St. Mary’s Cemetery, assist citizen; 7:35, OX3 Corp. Orion Park Drive, alarm; 8:55, police station, assist citizen; 9:21, High School, Washington Street, general services; 9:38, Page Hilltop, Washington Street, medical, one transported; 11:10, Newton Street, property lost or found.

P.M. 2:41, Catania Spagna, Nemco Way, property lost or found; 3:03, police station, assist citizen; 3:48, Blueberry Circle, alarm; 4:18, Oak Street, disturbance; 9:03, Blueberry Circle and Williams Street, serve papers; 9:56, Hatch Street, disturbance.

Tuesday, April 1

A.M. 2:48, New Hope Baptist, Sandy Pond, suspicious activity; 7:10, Wendy’s, Barnum Road, alarm; 8:01, Very Fine, Nemco Way, fire alarm; 9:25, W. Main and Union streets, suspicious activity; 10:29, Subway, Main Street, fire alarm; 10:36, Page Hilltop School, Washington Street, odor of burning; 10:49, Ayer Housing Authority, medical, one transported.

P.M. 12:00 High Street, suspicious activity; 12:18, High School, Washington Street, family disturbance; 4:20, Sweet Sorcery, Main Street, suspicious activity; 8:02, Academy Glass, Bishop Road, alarm; 8:14, Groton School Road, domestic abuse complaint followed by domestic abuse arrest on Shirley Street; 8:41, Groton Street, family dispute.

Wednesday, April 2

A.M. 12:10, Larkins, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 1:19, New Hope Baptist Church, suspicious activity; 3:16, National Guard Armory, Barnum Road, alarm; 4:03, Shanklin Corp., Westford Road, alarm; 5:50, Howard and Nashua streets, general services; 6:35, Washington Street, emergency services.

P.M. 4:23, Police station, report of vandalism; 5:47, Washington Street, disturbance; 6:40, Shirley Street, general services; 7:15, Partridge Auto Works, Littleton Road, alarm; 7:25, Wendy’s, Barnum Road, accident with property damage; 8:45, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 10:19, Willow Road, alarm.


Sunday, March 30: Dennis P. St. Martin, 51, of Ayer, charged with operating after license suspension.

Tuesday, April 1: Jack D. Lorenz, 51, of Ayer, charged with domestic assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (cell phone), and witness intimidation.