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LOWELL — Boredom and the lure of quick money had criminal results after two of three North Middlesex Regional High School graduates allegedly involved in a robbery conspiracy pleaded guilty to robbing a Townsend McDonald’s restaurant last year.

Townsend police arrested Matthew Giunta, 18, of 58 Pine Grove Road, Lunenburg; Jared Quigley, 18, of 11 Yvonne Drive, Pepperell; and Charles A. Young, 17, of 4 Mount Lebanon St., Pepperell, after the April 19, 2006, midnight robbery of the McDonald’s restaurant at 20 Main St. in Townsend, where Giunta worked.

Prosecutors allege they staged a robbery to pull off the $5,300 heist.

In Lowell Superior Court recently, Giunta pleaded guilty to masked armed robbery, entering at night, false crime report and conspiracy, while Quigley pleaded to robbery, entering at night and conspiracy. Young has his next court date of Jan. 2.

Giunta and Quigley were sentenced to two and a half years in jail with three months to serve followed by four years probation, 20 hours of community service and $5,300 in restitution. They are both scheduled to begin their sentences on Jan. 2.

Prosecutor Cara Krysil alleges that at 9 p.m., hours before the robbery, Young told police that he was home all day and bored. He received a call from Quigley who said he knew of an “easy way” to make $1,500. Court documents state that Quigley and Giunta had driven around all day planning the robbery. Quigley allegedly provided the clothing — black hooded sweatshirts, blue jeans and a hat that covered the face with holes for the eyes and duct tape to cover their shoes.

That night, after the last customer left, Krysil alleges that Young told police he and Quigley drove to McDonald’s in his white pickup truck. Giunta exited McDonald’s and flashed the light one time, which was the signal.

Young and Quigley approached Giunta “in character” and pushed Giunta through the back door, handin g him a can of black spray paint to cover the surveillance cameras. Young was carrying a black duffel bag that was used to empty the safe and Quigley carried a plastic pistol which was used to threaten James J. Schnare, the restaurant manager. Giunta and Schnare were both tied up with plastic ties.

While most of the camera lenses were blackened, Townsend police were able to obtain surveillance footage from inside the restaurant showing the robbers enter the building. Police were also able to determine that a white pickup truck was in the area and that led them to Quigley.

Krysil said that Quigley told police he had been with Young. When police questioned Young, he denied any involvement in the robbery.

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