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TAP Basketball is back in action with exciting finishes



M+N Sports

Offense: Nicole Meuneir

Defense: Robbie Terrell

Hustle: Amanda Ammendolia

Brown & Brown Insurance

Offense: Alexis Wooldridge

Defense: Nina Robinson

Hustle: Elisha Bouchard

Lowell Coca-Cola

Offense: Casey Breen

Defense: Kaitlyn Riel

Hustle: Juliane Carone

Montachusett Pest Control

Offense: Molly O’Niel

Defense: Bailey Breen

Hustle: Ashley Bosch


Dunkin Donuts

Offense: Max Ingerson

Defense: Nikolas Berthiaume

Hustle: Kristofer Lauritzen


Brick Steamer

Offense: Amanda Rossi

Defense: Haley Nolan

Hustle: Ana DeLeo

M+N Sports

Offense: Monica Desmond

Defense: Elizabeth Marti

Hustle: Sabrina Santoro

Lorden Oil

Offense: Judy Bosch

Defense: Lyric Boyd

Hustle: Danielle Kozloski

Hillside Construction

Offense: Lexi Thonis

Defense: Kaitlin Hanlon

Hustle: Taylor Larsen


Pete Antosh Excavating

Offense: Anthony Lovezzola

Defense: Sam Dorian

Hustle: Sam Robinson

Ten Broeck Insurance

Offense: Kyle Priest

Defense: Chase Daniels

Hustle: Tim Alexander


Offense: Jason Vettese

Defense: John Begley

Hustle: Hunter Shattuck

Townsend Collision

Offense: Andrew Kimbar

Defense: Brett Bousquet

Hustle: Matt Mastroianni

Select Engineering

Offense: Collin Amadon

Defense: Zach Collins

Hustle: Eric Murphy

New England Sports Photo

Offense: Dylan Auth

Defense: Blake Amiot

Hustle: Joe O’Niel


Patriot Pizza 24

North Central Blaze 20

Jessica Schmuck and Megan Nadworny fueled the offense with 10 and 8 points, respectively. Lauren Kirk sparked the defense, while Emily Valacer and Vicky Pappas worked the ball in the paint.

Gabriella Trust dominated offensively with 13 points and some skillful ball handling. Ally Silver scored 3 points, while Jessica Sampson and Emily Harrington each added a basket.

Stop & Style 19

Dunkin Donuts 9

Carey Parkhurst dominated offensively with 14 points and some nice ball movement. Kim Smith and Marissa Amichetti rounded off the scoring with 3 and 2 points, respectively. Allyson Lynch, Julie LeFleur and Carly Dillis played outstanding defensive games.

The score doesn’t reflect Dunkin Donuts’ effort. Marissa LaFosse pushed the fast break and scored 4 points. Julia Church scored 3 points from inside and Kathleen Sullivan added 2 points. Emily Flavin and Jenn Moll fearlessly drove to the hoop. Danielle Priest and Courtney Catalano played tenacious defense.

CI Technologies 22

KRM Carpentry 10

Taylor Simas led a balanced CI Technologies offense with 8 points, followed by Julia Quill, Juliana White and Eryn Melanson with 4 points each and Allanah Daly with 2 points. Strong defense keyed the win.

Julie Wise started off ferociously with the first basket. Emily Rapoza and Shannon LeBleu each scored 4 points. The whole team hustled and showed impressive sportsmanship throughout the entire game.


D’Amico & Chenelle 33

Townsend Ford 23

Ashley Rosko paced the win with 11 points, followed by Julie McCarthy with 8, Emily Church with 6, and Courtney Hart with 4. Rachel Nadworny (2 points) led the team’s tough defensive attack, with help from Molly Brooks. Charlotte Spiegel stole many passes to assist in the win. Michelle Marshal (2 points) tore down many rebounds.

Emily McCarthy and Becky Batchelder each scored 6 points and controlled the offense. Haley Dupell and Becky Batchelder hustled all over the court. Rachel Burnham, Liz Cormier and Tara Daly played fierce defense. Sara Neuhaus was a key asset in the paint.

Workers Credit Union 26

RE/MAX Colonial 22

Down by 6 points with only four minutes left in the game, Workers Credit Union made an impressive comeback which was keyed by defenders Olivia Carney (2 points) and Katy Sullivan (4 points). Nicole Hammond’s 8 points and hard work in the paint was a major key. Samantha Marshall ran the offense, while Rachel Dows hustled all over the court.

RE/MAX Colonial played tough defense and worked hard in transition to score baskets as they drove to the hoop. Madeline Balassie (10 points) keyed the offense and Dee Dee Madden controlled the boards. Kim Morgan and Andrea Alaimo each scored 4 points.

Mendy’s Vending 36

CI Technologies 15

Strong defense led by Julia Deignan, Bryanna Ammendolia and Tori Black shut down their opponent in the paint. Aggressive rebounding by Erin Picard (8 points) and Christine Kenney (11 points) prevented CI Technologies from getting any second chance scoring opportunities. Emily Gustafson (13 points) and Samantha Roberts guided the offense with many fast break opportunities that helped to establish a strong lead.

Corey Howe led CI Technologies with 9 points, while Jesse Meehan added 2 points and passed well, while Faith Lamb swished a foul shot and played aggressive defense.

Sterilite 39

Townline HVAC 22

Brittney Nelson dominated offensively and defensively with 21 points and some impressive steals. Amber Saari was a force at the foul line shooting 100 percent and totaling 8 points. Amy Jones added 6 points and some inspiring hustle.

Townline HVAC hustled through the whole game, sprinting back on defense and pushing the fast break offensively. Casey McNamara (8 points), Vanessa Tenore (7 points) and Samantha Lynch (6 points) controlled the offense and passed well with each other. Marissa Thomas and Victoria Burts showed off some quick feet on defense.


Dr. Jay Decoteau 31

Century 21 – Nashoba Associates 21

Connor McCue paced the win with 8 points and some nice passing. Brian Quin and Ryan Violette added 6 and 4 points, respectively. Mark Rossi and Anthony Buchanan also added 4 points each. Sam Ineson, Tony Bran and Alex Collins ripped down several key rebounds. Jared Forest had 4 assists.

Nathan Cole was outstanding with 11 points, numerous rebounds and strong defense. Andrew Hooper (4 points), Riley Larsson and Austin Black turned in excellent defensive efforts. Shawn Pinney added 6 points.

T&W Custom Builders 26

CW Fuels 20

T&W Custom Builders paced the game with their fast break offense and tenacious defense. Trey Callahan scored 8 points, followed by Joe Sullivan and Austin Lowry with 7 points each, and Matt Nichols with 4. Chris Skelly played an excellent defensive game.

Tyler Thomas led the scoring with 10 points and some solid drives to the hoop. Pat Shaw added 4 points and Ben Corsini scored a basket. Tyler Zech contributed 2 points and some great offensive movement. Ben Dauphinais, Robert David and Tommy Hall played their forward positions well. Matt Holm, Adam Grieman and Kyle Edmonds all hustled in the second half to bring the score to within 6 points.

Mini Broach 25

Townsend House Tavern 13

Brendan Vargeletis and Lucas Ravanis lit up the scoreboard with 10 and 7 points, respectively. Niel Maskenlenko added 4 points and many assists. Dan Beauchesne was Mini Broach’s defensive MVP. Sam Buck and Charlie Ritchie hustled up and down the court.

Matt Nelson was the leading scorer with 8 points and played some notable defense. Ryan Hardy added 3 points and Dan Nelson added a basket.

Mass Corrections Office 42

Wilson Brothers 40

Kyle Gavin was on fire this week with 24 points and many key defensive stops. Chris Brouillette added 6 from inside. Nate Sullivan totaled 6 points, including a sweet buzzer beater to bring home the win for Mass Corrections Office.

Jimmy Walmsley and Bobby Larson showed off their skills with 16 points each, with good ball control by Walmsley and good rebounding by Larson. Mike Perry added 8 points to the final score. Kyle Monahan, James Meunier and James Richardson played dazzling defense.

Benjamin Builders 26

White Hen Pantry 12

Cousins Mitchell Lorden and A.J. Gearin rocked the house with 9 and 6 points, respectively. Kevin Brouilette added 3 points and some crisp passes. Oliver Beale and Kevin Brouillette were defensive standouts. If there was a hustle award for each game, Tim Hebert would have it.

White Hen Pantry suffered a tough loss, but played hard until the final buzzer. The entire team contributed offensively, and played hard defensively.


Nashoba Publishing 51

CW Fuels/Benjamin Builders 41

Brian Magee and Caleb Scott were on fire with 27 and 20 points, respectively. Dan McHugh added 4 points. Lance Eric played intense defense, while Jared and Mark hustled up and down the court.

Gary Lorden paced the offense with 21 points and some nice three pointers. Dylan Ricker added 6 points and Joe Smith added 4 points and some good support. Asa Okerman and Lorden exhibited some intense full court pressure. Dan Lacross did a great job in the paint.

D’Amico & Chenelle 44

Valley Orthopedics 40

Matt Wilson controlled the game with 10 points and some smooth dribbling. Dylan Kimbar and Jim Carver worked the inside and each scored 8 points.

Kevin Marciano lit up the scoreboard with 21 points while pacing the offense and setting up the plays. Joe MacDonald pushed the fast break and scored 13 points, while defensively ripping down numerous rebounds.

Dr. Rosebush 38

Forest Appliance 36

Dr. Rosebush’s team played solid on both ends of the floor in a nail-biting hard-fought win. Drew Donovan led the scoring with 23 huge points. Joey Tierney added 11 points and played a great offensive game. Devin Vaillancourt and Jac Costello each scored 2 points.

Nick Ravanis and Dom Ciccone controlled the offense with 8 and 9 points, respectively. Liam Coughlin added 6 points and Eric Lauritzen added some great defensive moves.

Coca-Cola of Lowell 42

White Hen Pantry 29

Steve Valacer set the offensive pace with some smooth ball movement and 16 points. Brandon Cole drove to the basket and scored 14 points. Sky Whitney added 7 points, while Nick Indeglia added 5 points. Chris Tucker and Travers Chandler were huge in the paint. Jacob Lopilato threw in some great defense to help hold on to the lead.

White Hen Pantry had a great first half and got a little tired in the second. James Osterfield kept driving to the basket and as a result scored 14 points. Justin Roberts added 8 points and was solid under the hoop. Abe Mughal forced many turnovers.

Auto Clinic 35

T&W Custom Builders 28

Drew Kanan was the leading scorer with 16 points and nice dribbling. Colby Ledoux added 7 points and made some sneaky passes. Matt Russell used his speed to add 5 points and fuel fast breaks. Ryan Kanan anchored the defense and controlled the boards with Cam Gouldrup.

Tony Gravel controlled the offense with 21 points and many fast break lay-ups. Victor Alvares added 4 points, Dana Bupphawes added 3 and Craig Croteau added a basket.

Crosswinds Company 62

Tocci Excavating 38

C.J. Flavin was on top of his game with 22 points, followed by Brian Bourgeois who added 18 and was solid inside. Mac Flynn dropped 11 and Mike Chase added 5 points. Alex Schmidt ruled the paint on defense, while Jamie Breen hustled all over the court.

Chris Smith led the scoring with 12 points, followed by Kyle McDermott and Casey Muzzy each with 10 points. Matt Levesque dropped 4 points and Zach Ryan had 2. Devin Lemiex played aggressive defense.


RE/MAX Colonial 65

CW Fuels 61

Anestis Smith paced the win with 18 points, followed by Mark Joy with 12, and Tom Kanan with 11. Chris Hathaway was big in the paint and scored 9 points. Mike Pacheco, Kevin Chase and Erik Ryden helped defensively to bring the victory in this triple overtime game.

D.J. Webb was on fire Saturday with 27 points. Nate Wetherell scored 11 and showed off some nice shooting form. Nick Mangicotti and Kevin Paul each added 6 points.

Nashoba Publishing 48

Auto Clinic 41

Mike Cronin keyed the win with 21 points and some impressive passing. Eric Collier dominated inside with 18 points and many rebounds. Zach Dupell showed off some outside shooting and dropped 9 points. Mike Helmer and Lance Crosby were key rebounders. James Petrosky was a major factor of the win.

Mike Virostko’s 16 points and outstanding hustle paced team Auto Clinic. Guards Mike Martin and Mike Tenore added 10 and 5 points, while Liam Carrol added 4. Patrick O’Neil played tough under the hoop and added 4 points. Derek Delovo rounded off the scoring with 2 points. Andrew Virostko worked hard at both ends.

Pepperell Recreation 46

Forest Appliance 28

Carl Priddle had his game face on when he scored 13 points. Anthony Ciccone used his speed to his team’s advantage and added 10 points. Mike LeFlore and Mike Silva each added 8 points. Cory Dows and John Quigley rebounded while Justin Lancy and Josh Page hustled up and down the floor.

Rob Mershon led the way with 12 points and some impressive shooting. Ryan Milliken was quick to get up the floor and scored 7 points off some breakaways. Matt Heisler added 4 points and was effective in the paint.

Ideal Self Storage 64

Townsend House Tavern 26

Bill Crory stepped up his game with 17 big points while Billy Watkinson added 12 points and some key rebounds. Mike Shaw and Chris Maynard each added 6 points and Jimmy Stecchi added 16 points to fuel this victory. Andrew Marciello and Dan Crory conquered in the paint.

Ryan Trust was the leading scorer with 9 points and some smooth ball handling skills. Pat Dickhaut added 6 points and was big in the paint. Greg Keras contributed with four points and some solid defense.

Dr. Jay Decoteau 47

Lorden Oil 45

This game came down to the last few seconds. Brendan Sullivan was the leading scorer with 11 points, followed by Chris Pitoniak with 7. Scott Hewitt, Usman Mughal and Ryan Sullivan each added 6 points and hustled. C.J. Paolilli and Kevin Quin each added 3 points. Brett Rosko, Matt Hewitt and Jack Low also had 3 points each.

Joe Balboni and Eric Guild were the leading scorers with 11 and 10 points, respectively. Jimmy Balboni worked the ball around the outside and dropped 8 points. Kevin Smith added 6 points and played good defense. Newcomers Pat Kilbride and Steve Cortez played great games.

Townsend Collision Center 43

Mass Corrections 31

Ryan Nicholas was on fire Saturday with17 points and some nice drives to the hoop. Joe Collametta and Andy Mihill each added 8 points and worked the paint. Matt Foley and Jonathon Santos each added 4 points and played tough defense. Connor Buchholz, Ian Buchholz and Alex Mihill each added hustle and great defense.

Jeff Tully was the leading scorer with 11 points. Justin Leonardo-Roy and Travis Carter each scored 6 points, while Andrew Leonardo-Roy added 4 and Tyler Tenbroek scored a basket. Tulley pulled down many rebounds and was a key defensive player.


Benjamin Builders 29

Brick Steamer 25

Bev Madden and Lauren Perry dominated with 6 points each. Anastasia Alexander added 4 points and some hustle. Josephine Speigel and Lindsay Smart dominated defensively.

Devin Picard scored eight points and grabbed tons of rebounds. Amanda Quin rocked the three point line with a swish, and added another basket to total 5 points. Christina Csicsek added 4 points and didn’t let anyone in the paint.

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