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PEPPERELL — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Dec. 26 and Tuesday, Jan. 1:

Wednesday, Dec. 26

A.M. 1:30, Ridge Road, medical emergency, transported to the hospital; 10:56, Main Street, animal control call.

P.M. 2:22, Townsend Street, locked out of vehicle; 2:36, Canal Street, medical emergency; 2:42, Boynton Street, fire; 5:23, Davis Street, investigate larceny; 5:45, Main Street, disturbance; 5:47, Townsend Street, disabled motor vehicle; 6:11, Nashua Road, complaint; 8:46, East Street, investigate larceny; 10:12, Herget Drive, locked out of vehicle.

Thursday, Dec. 27

A.M. 12:31, Leighton Street, welfare check; 2:32, DPW call-out; 3:04, Main Street, low temperature alarm; 3:40, Brookline Street, disabled motor vehicle; 7:32, Main Street, NEMLEC (Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council) call-out; 10:21, Park Street, medical emergency, transported to the hospital; 10:57, William Street, serve summons; 10:59, Fox Lane, burglar alarm, false; 11:56, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident.

P.M. 12:15, Shattuck Street, medical emergency, transported to the hospital; 12:18, Blood Street, medical emergency; 1:29, Clinton Drive, Hollis, N.H., investigate 911 hang-up, mutual aid; 3:33, Nashua Road and Mill Street, motor vehicle accident; 3:54, Townsend Street, motor vehicle accident; 4:25, Townsend Street, motor vehicle accident; 6:11, Chestnut Street, harassing telephone calls.

Friday, Dec. 28

A.M. 2:51, Main Street, NEMLEC call-out; 3:56, Main Street, NEMLEC call-out; 5:55, Nashua Road, motor vehicle accident; 6:00, DPW call-out; 7:04, Cottage Street, attempt to serve warrant; 10:33, Bennett Street, civil standby; 10:59, Townsend Street, locked out of vehicle; 11:16, Mason Street, medical emergency, transported to the hospital; 11:37, Bennett Street, civil standby.

P.M. 12:42, River Road, medical emergency; 1:08, Lawrence Street, disabled motor vehicle; 1:31, Oak Hill Street, motor vehicle accident; 3:19, Main Street, police investigation; 5:37, Main Street, motor vehicle complaint; 9:00 Groton Street, domestic disturbance; 11:37, Bancroft Street, locked out of vehicle.

Saturday, Dec. 29

A.M. 2:44, Mill Street, disturbance; 5:43, Nashua Road, motor vehicle complaint; 9:27, Lomar Park Drive, burglar alarm, false; 10:48, Nashua Road, motor vehicle complaint.

P.M. 7:07, Leighton Street, welfare check.

Sunday, Dec. 30

A.M. 9:55, South Road, medical emergency; 11:50, Heald Street, disturbance.

P.M. 12:48, Shirley Street, medical emergency; 5:30, Blood Street, complaint; 8:34, Tarbell Street, complaint; 9:49, Leighton Street, domestic disturbance; 9:54, DPW call-out; 10:41, Heald and Park streets, motor vehicle accident; 11:14, Heald Street, motor vehicle accident.

Monday, Dec. 31

A.M. 1:22, Lowell Road, harassing phone calls; Seminole Drive, tree across road; 8:53, Tucker Street, wires down; 9:57, Tucker Street investigate vandalism; 10:07, Herget Drive, motor vehicle accident; 11:12, Brookline Street, parking complaint.

P.M. 12:20, Julia Lane, complaint; 12:25, Lowell Road, noise complaint; 12:39, Main Street, locked out of vehicle; 1:49, Nashua Road, abandoned vehicle; 2:17, Townsend Street, 911 hang-up; 3:13, Leighton Street, medical emergency; 4:12, Cottage Street, complaint; 4:34, DPW call-out; 7:13, Nashua Road, fire; 7:20, DPW call-out; 10:58, Mason Street, suspicious activity.

Tuesday, Jan. 1

A.M. 12:14, Groton Street, medical emergency; 6:04, Foster Street, medical emergency; 7:42, Tarbell Street, locked out of vehicle; 9:28, West Street and Hog Hill Road, motor vehicle accident; 11:50, DPW call-out.

P.M. 3:18, Park Street, motor vehicle accident; 5:04, Shawnee Road and Herget Drive, complaint; 9:50, Railroad Street, complaint; 9:54, Heald Street, medical emergency, transported to the hospital; 10:30, Groton Street, disabled vehicle.

No arrests.

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