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It will have escaped the notice of no one that a woman is running for president, and, that she has a very good chance of winning.

For women watching this political scene, we are assessing not only Hillary Clinton’s credentials and platform, but how she represents us as a woman.

On Monday night, as candidates and voters prepared for the New Hampshire Primary, Sen. Clinton was asked how she did it, how she keeps up with the demands of her candidacy. While there wasn’t a tear, she choked up, her voice cracking, as she spoke about how important attaining the office of president is to her.

We’ve seen presidents and candidates become emotional over great loss — such as on 9/11 or in Iraq — but have we seen a candidate get emotional due to the strains of candidacy?

To some number of women, the weakness she showed swayed their votes because it illustrated how much she wants the presidency.

But for others, the weakness displayed was disappointing. Emotion brought about by fatique or frustration has little place in the president’s Oval Office.

Still others wonder if the display, and the question itself, were planned to elicit compassion.

Readers: What do you think about Hillary’s display of emotion?

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Next week, we’ll share your thoughts.

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