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GROTON — For the Wiercinski family of Groton, giving birth to Lowell’s first baby of the New Year was a double surprise. The baby boy they were expecting on New Year’s Eve turned out to be a baby girl on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Eve was going to be a big night for the Kevin and Kristen Wiercinski. While saying good-bye to 2007, the Groton family was planning to say hello to the newest member of their family, due Dec. 31.

The couple packed a suitcase for the hospital stay and spent a quiet evening at home with their sons Brandon, 5, and Taylor, 3, as they waited for Kristen to go into labor. “We were sure the baby was going to be born that night, so we just waited. And waited. And waited,” Kevin recalled.

And as they watched New Year’s Eve turn into New Year’s Day, the ball in Times Square dropped and their baby did not. It wasn’t until 6:03 p.m. on New Year’s Day that their child decided to make an appearance. That’s when they got their second surprise — the new arrival was a girl.

“We were absolutely convinced this baby was a boy,” Kristen laughed, snuggling Audrey Kinneen Wiercinski in her bed at Lowell General Hospital. “We washed and prepared all the boys’ baby clothes and thought we were all set. We didn’t buy one new thing.”

The parents noted that both of their sons were certain the baby was a girl. They were right on target with that, although not so lucky in choosing a name. The boys chose “Caramel” — as in the candy. Mom and dad vetoed that in favor of Audrey Kinneen. Audrey they chose because it’s pretty, and Kinneen is Kristen’s maiden name.

With two older brothers, her parents said that Audrey should be prepared for a noisy household filled with trucks and Power Rangers. Oh, and sports. With mom an elementary school physical education teacher and dad an athletic director at Lawrence Academy, athletics and physical activity are a certainty.

Audrey was the first baby born in Lowell in 2008 — surprisingly late in the day for the year’s first baby. She weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds, 7 ounces. And while their New Year’s baby was a surprise, both in gender and in timing, the Wiercinskis say her Jan. 1 appearance makes her birth even more amazing and more special.

“A new baby, a new miracle,” Kristen said. “What a perfect way to start the year.”

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