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Dunstable Artisans support tomorrow’s artists today


In addition, two $500 college scholarships are awarded annually to graduating high school seniors. One of the scholarships is awarded to a Groton-Dunstable Regional High School (GDRHS) senior planning to further his or her arts education. The other is awarded to a graduating senior from the surrounding communities.

A new community is chosen each year. This year’s school is Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (ABRHS).

Cash prizes are awarded for painting and drawing, ceramics and sculpture, and photography and graphics.

Carolyn Phelan won the $100 award for her “Self Portrait” pencil drawing. In her drawing, Phelan focused on capturing the light and dark values. She is interested in sketching, painting and photography.

Katie Searles received the $100 award for her photograph “David.” Searles said she would like to pursue photography as a career.

Leah Alvey received the $100 sculpture award and $25 People’s Choice honorable mention for her clay sculpture “Global Warming.” Alvey has always been interested in art and was introduced to ceramics two years ago. This sculpture is very important, she said, because it represents a problem the world faces and shows how global warming has a negative effect on Earth.

Rebecca Ranney received the $100 People’s Choice award for her acrylic painting “The Guest.” This was her first painting, though she said she’s been drawing for a long time. She let her imagination do the work, she said, and didn’t use any reference material to complete this piece.

Nina Hardy’s “Robo-Balloons,” a mixed-media piece, received a $25 honorable mention. Nina is interested in art and design, especially conceptual art and art that gives people something to talk about.

The two $500 scholarship recipients will be chosen at the end of the school year by staff at GDRHS and ABRHS.

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