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AYER — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Dec. 27 and Wednesday, Jan. 2:

Thursday, Dec. 27

A.M. 12:21, Main Street, Shirley, mutual aid, ambulance; 3:07, Calvin Street, ambulance.

P.M. 3:38, Nashoba Park, ambulance; 9:29, Hatch St., carbon monoxide alarm, engine; 10:42, Nashoba Park, ambulance; 11:26, Maples Avenue, Shirley, mutual aid, ambulance.

Friday, Dec. 28

P.M. 3:34, Winthrop Avenue, medical; 3:45, Littleton Road, assist citizen; 4:24, same, general services; 5:02, Harvard Street, burglar alarm, accidental; 7:41, Hatch Street, suspicious activity, investigated; 9:27, Groton Shirley Road, general services.

Saturday, Dec. 29

A.M. 12:31, East Main Street, assist citizen; 1:55, Winthrop Avenue, medical; 8:14, Park Street, general services; 8:19, Winthrop Avenue, medical; 10:29, Hatch Street, serve paper work; 10:47, same; 11:37, Brown Road, Shirley, mutual aid, ambulance.

P.M. 6:21, Fitchburg Road, general services; 2:21, Apple Valley Care, ambulance; 10:22, Foster Street, Littleton, mutual aid ambulance; 11:47, Groton Street, general disturbance, area search negative.

Sunday, Dec. 30

A.M. 2:13, Sandy Pond Road, family disturbance, peace restored; 3:28, same, suspicious activity, investigated; 4:39, West Main Street, medical; 7:32, Park Street, engine; 11:58, Benjamin Road, Shirley, mutual aid, ambulance.

P.M. 1:37, West Main Street, violation of restraining order; 5:41, Barnum Road, burglar alarm, accidental; 6:49, Autumn Ridge Drive, ambulance; 7:34, Church Street, Westford, mutual aid, ambulance; 8:20, Nashoba Park, ambulance; 9:30, Moore Drive, assist citizen; 11:54, West Main Street, suspicious activity, investigated.

Monday, Dec. 31

A.M. 12:37, Oak Ridge Drive, suspicious activity, investigated; 1:01, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity, investigated; 6:05, Ayer Road, Littleton, mutual aid, ambulance; 7:46, Nashoba Park, ambulance; 7:48, Central Avenue, vandalism, investigated; 8:55, Groton School Road, vehicle accident, property; 10:31, Still River Road, Harvard, mutual aid, ambulance; 11:03, East Main Street, vehicle accident, property; 11:10, police station, assist citizen.

P.M. 12.55, Old Towne Road, assist citizen; 2:12, police station, general services, referred to other agency; 3:14, Scullery Road, burglar alarm, accidental; 5:29, Pantry Way, general services, area search negative; 8:17, Groton School Road, family disturbance, peace restored; 8:58, Washington Street, suspicious activity, investigated; 9:14, Hatch Street, medical; 9:17, Pleasant and Groton streets, noise complaint, area search negative; 9:18, Main Street, suspicious activity, investigated; 9:34, East Main Street, noise complaint, area search negative.

Tuesday, Jan. 1

A.M. 12:12, Groton and Jackson streets, unlawful possession of fireworks or explosives, perpetrator gone; 12:28, Willard Street, noise complaint, peace restored; 12:31, Route 2A, Shirley, mutual aid, ambulance; 12:50, Washington Street, assist citizen; 9:50, Willow Road, suspicious activity, investigated; 11:18, Groton Street, same.

P.M. 12:30 Park Street, reset alarm, engine; 2:00, Central Avenue, assist other agency; 2:20, Nashua Street, missing property; 7:51, Prospect Street, civil complaint; 10:13, police station, larceny report, investigated; 11:20 Main Street, burglar alarm, accidental; 11:27 Depot Square, suspicious activity, investigated.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

A.M. 2:05, Sculley Road, arrest; 4:31, Winthrop Avenue, medical; 4:53, Fitchburg Road, medical; 9:30, Hibiscus Lane, fraud investigation.

P.M. 12:00, Isaacs Lane, break-in; 6:40, Pleasant Street, carbon monoxide alarm, faulty detector; 9:11, Pine Ridge Road, fire alarm, engine and ladder sent; 9:13, Main Street, general services.


Wednesday, Jan. 2: Ronald J. Koehler, 42, of Ayer; charged with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked or suspended license, no inspection sticker.

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