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TOWNSEND — North Middlesex Regional High School is has announced the students who have been named “Students of the Quarter” for the first marking period of the 2007-2008 school year. Each department selects one student per quarter based on whom they feel has contributed the most to the excellent quality of life at the school.

Art: Jessica Laurin, grade 12, is a student athlete who is polite, artistic, determined, self-motivated and hard-working.

Business applications: Margaret French, grade nine, always gives more than 100 percent. She is also self-directed and helps others regularly without being asked.

English: Jonathan Tracy, grade 12, maintains a high standard of scholarly inquiry in advanced-placement literature and composition.

Guidance: Edd Ricker, grade 12, is an outstanding student that manages to maintain excellent grades in all his advanced-placement classes while also participating in extra-curricular activities.

Health, nutrition and fitness: Erin Murphy, grade 11, is a lovely young woman who takes all of her academic and athletic pursuits seriously. She is a wonderful role model by always striving to do her personal best and living a healthy lifestyle.

Mathematics: Robert Carney, grade 11, is excelling on all assignments given in his pre-calculus accelerated class. He is a wonderful student and fun to have in class.

Music: Jacqueline Hennessey, grade 11, has obvious musical talents, yet she seems unaffected by how inspirational and valuable they are to her peers and the overall success of our performances. She is a natural singer with the work ethic of a Diva.

Science: Alex Nocella, grade 12, has a commendable work ethic, is self-motivated and responsible. He consistently makes himself available to help others, has a sense of humor and the ability to juggle several responsibilities at once.

Social studies: Victoria Galyon, grade nine, has started off her high school career extremely well. She has worked very hard both inside and outside of class to earn an excellent grade in her history class.

Technology and engineering: Kendra Hayes, grade nine, has done an exceptional job in drafting and digital imaging. She is an extremely talented student.

World languages: Elena Rodriguez, grade 11, has a positive attitude and enthusiasm that makes her a pleasure to have in class. She is well-liked and respected by her peers, who she strives to help whenever she can.