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Groton Local seminar to explore energy alternatives for the home


GROTON — Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “money down the drain,” right? Come and find out how you can avoid losing money and energy at the same time when Groton Local’s Energy Group presents the fifth in its monthly series of educational Energy Seminars.

Join us Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Nashua River Watershed Association’s headquarters at 592 Main Street (Route 119), Groton, 7-9 p.m. for a program titled, “Residential Energy Systems Alternatives.”

Bob Gagnon, a licensed master plumber and a residential energy entrepreneur, will be our guest speaker. Bob has been featured on a number of area radio talk shows recently as a resource on energy alternatives. He is interested in “gray water” projects and can help to answer any number of “money down the drain” questions.

Typically, as much as 20 percent of one’s yearly fuel bill goes to heat water for showers, washing machines and dish washers. Bob has developed systems to recover this lost water and heat, and other energy-saving projects, in his own showplace home. He works with the nonprofit group Plymouth (N.H.) Area Renewable Energy Initiative and appeared in its one-day solar water heating panel installation documentary. This film was nominated for a New England Emmy Award after showing on the Comcast Network, CN8, and is currently showing on the American Builder Show. Bring your notepads and questions.

(Note: “Gray water” is any water that has been used in the home, except from toilets. Dish water, laundry water and, shower, bath and sink outflow comprise 50 percent to 80 percent of residential “waste” water, which may be recycled for other purposes.)

DVDs of past seminars will soon be available from Groton Local Energy Group. Contact Jim at (978) 272-1022 with questions or e-mail

Also, mark your calendars for our next energy seminar, titled, “Heating Our Homes in the Future — Prepare Now,” on Wednesday, Feb. 13 (location to be announced).