Thanksgiving assembly at LAW — a tradition that never fades


SHIRLEY — Thanksgiving is filled with traditions. One tradition that never fades is the Lura A. White School (LAW) Thanksgiving assembly, which allows the younger grades to show off their stage presence by singing festive songs and reciting thematic poetry.

The fourth-grade Student Council hosted the event this year, announcing each class and telling Thanksgiving jokes. The jokes included, “Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building? Yes, because buildings don’t jump,” and “What comes at the end of Thanksgiving? The letter g.”

Morgan Smith, 9, opened the assembly and thanked all of the students, family and friends who attended the 11 a.m. program on Nov. 20.

One new thing the LAW community is thankful for this year is the fact that the kindergarten, after years of being housed at the Devens and Center schools, is now under the LAW roof, said Smith. She then introduced the kindergartners, who sang “Albuquerque Turkey.”

Later, Mrs. Lambert’s first-graders recited “The Night Before Thanksgiving” before Mrs. Shorey’s class proudly read Jack Prelutsky’s poem, “The First Thanksgiving.”

Mr. Dow’s first-graders donned turkey hats and sang “Thanksgiving Dinner,” much to the delight of the appreciative crowd.

The last group of first-graders, led by Mrs. Sontag, performed two songs: “Thanksgiving Day” and “Thanksgiving: A Wonderful Thing.”

The second-grade started with Mrs. Richard’s class, which entertained the audience with the poem, “The Turkey that Shot Out of the Oven.”

After that, Mrs. Collins’ and Mrs. Warren’s classes came together to offer important facts about pumpkins using a witty poem.

Last, but not least, Mrs. O’Hara’s third-graders had fun with “‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving,” which received more than a few chuckles from the families in attendance.

At the end of the program, which was held in the school’s gym, LAW Principal Suzanne Mahoney thanked everyone for taking time to come to the assembly.

The School Council also announced that the week of Nov. 26 will be School Spirit Week. Monday will be Crazy Hair Day, Tuesday will be Dress as Your Favorite Character Day, Wednesday will be Crazy Hat Day, Thursday will be Dress as Your Favorite Book Character Day, and Friday will be Backwards Day.