SHIRLEY — Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Joseph Lynch has requested that a town staff meeting be held to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Specifically, he pointed out a problem at the Nov. 15 Planning Board meeting that had occurred when the Planning Board released two of the lots for Apple Orchard Estates after misunderstanding a letter from Lynch. The letter, said Lynch, says the lots shouldn’t be released due to the failure of the road.

Now those homes are about to be occupied by two families in the middle of winter when the road is already falling apart, he said.

“We can’t let that happen again,” he said.

Orchard Estates developer GFI-Shirley wants to solve this problem, said GFI representative Steven Goodman, since two families are trying to move in before the holidays.

Referring to the request for an all-staff meeting, board Chairman Charles Colburn said the healthiest conversation he’s had on this project was the joint meeting with the Board of Health where he got to hear different opinions.

Planner Jonathan Greeno said he prefers to have such discussions in open meeting so everyone gains an understanding.

Conservation administrator Anne Gagnon asked the board when it will require GFI to post the bond for phase two of the site construction. The bond would cover the costs for the town should the development fall under.

The ball is in the board’s court, said Lynch.

The board can’t take back old permits, said Planner Neal Guthrie. It can only hold back the lots in the future, he said.

“What we need is an agreed dollar amount for a bond for phase two,” said Rounds. The number needs to be negotiated between GFI and the DPW, he said.

The board plans to take the issue up at a future meeting.

The board also voted to release $41,152 in held funds back to GFI for work it had completed. There was also a question as to whether parcel K of the site was required to have a drainage review.

Ringwall agreed to prepare a packet of information for review.