GROTON — The Groton Film Society is moving from dream to reality on Saturday, Dec. 1, with a showing of “The World’s Fastest Indian” at the Lawrence Academy in Groton.

This independent film stars award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro, in a true story about an older man determined to set the Bonneville, Utah, world speed record on his rebuilt 1920 Indian motorcycle. The movie starts as a comedy, revealing the unconventional living and working arrangements of an old man engrossed in an uncharacteristic project. It gradually takes on deeper meaning and becomes a manifestation of the essential goodness of the human spirit and one man’s single-minded obsession to overwhelm all obstacles to fulfill his dream.

The premiere will begin with a reception in Lawrence Academy’s MacNeil Lounge at 7 p.m. After enjoying a social interlude with catered refreshments by Groton resident Andrea Mason’s “Dinner is Served” and introductory remarks from the Groton Film Society founders, film club members will move to the Academy’s Recital Hall to watch the film. After the screening, members will have a chance to exchange views and discuss the film over coffee and sweets.

The Groton Film Society was formed last January when the present secretary, Carole Bouchard, ventured to ask if other members of the online Talk-About-Groton mailing list would be interested in seeking a local movie house and organizing a Groton movie business, either for profit or as a nonprofit. About a dozen residents met originally and gradually the group devolved into the six founding survivors: Carole Bouchard, Dorothy Davis, Katharyn and Keith Dawson, Chase Duffy and Scott Stathis.

Credit should also go to Kate Pike, a knowledgeable independent film lover who gave the committee much valuable guidance as they decided how to build their organization. Scott Stathis as chairman sorted out the financial options and Keith Dawson masterfully assembled the Web site.

For membership information, go to or call (978) 448-0178.