AYER — The Police Department responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Nov. 8 and Wednesday, Nov. 14:

Thursday, Nov. 8

A.M. 1:56, William St., assist other agency; 2:30, Park Street, assist other agency; 3:14, Molumbo Park, burglar alarm, investigated; 4:01, Park Street, assist other agency; 4:43 Great Road, same; 8: 05, Willard Street, noise complaint, perpetrator(s) gone; 10:18, Main Street, assist citizen.

P.M. 1:12, Pleasant Street, general services; 2:10, Loon Hill Road, suspicious activity; 4:30, Willard Street, disturbance, peace restored; 5:34, Brook Street, general services; 8:04, Bishop Road, burglar alarm, accidental or defective alarm.

Friday, Nov. 9

A.M. 10:13, William Street, larceny interrogation; 11:04, Pleasant St., family disturbance.

P.M. 4:38, Cambridge Street, assist citizen; 11:31, Old Towne Road, medical, removed to hospital.

Saturday, Nov. 10

A.M. 12:32, Park /Street, suspicious activity; 2:10, Groton Road at Pleasant Street, assist other agency; Winthrop Avenue, emergency services; 6:51, Amandry Way, medical, removed to hospital; 8:16, Ayer Road, assist other agency.

P.M. 1:52, Park and Brook streets, assist other agency; 2:57, Sculley Road, burglar alarm, accidental; 4:40, Park Street, vehicle accident; 5:15, Pond Street, Ayer Housing Authority, medical, services rendered; 10:26, Old Groton Road, assist citizen, referred to other agency.

Sunday, Nov. 11

A.M. 12:15, Willard Street, served paper work; 12:38, Groton Shirley Road, suspicious activity; 1:19, Snake Hill Road, same; 1:50, W. Main Street, same; 2:17, Depot Square, Carlin’s, disturbance, peace restored; 7:44, New England Way, fire alarm, services rendered; 9:18, Winthrop Avenue, medical, removed to hospital.

P.M. 12:04, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 1:26, E. Main Street, medical, services rendered; 2:53, Park Street, suspicious activity; 3:04, Winthrop Avenue, general services; 4:45, Markham Circle, abandoned vehicle, impounded; 7:50, Groton Shirley Road, assist other agency, services rendered; 8:25, Littleton Road, noise complaint, services rendered.

Monday, Nov. 12

A.M. 12:42, W. Main Street, suspicious activity; 7:40, police station, assist citizen.

P.M. 12:56, Groton School Road, suspicious activity, area searched, negative; 1:40, Park Street, family disturbance, peace restored; 3:52, Old Groton Road, medical, services rendered; 5:16, Pleasant Street, larceny; 5:34, Washington Street, assist citizen; 9:11, Washington Street, burglar alarm, accidental/defective alarm; 9:21, Old Towne road, medical, services rendered, 10:08, W. Main Street, medical, services rendered.

Tuesday, Nov. 13

A.M. 12:47, E. Main Street, accident, leaving the scene; 1:51, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:05, Fitchburg Road, same; 3:34, Nemco Way, same; 5:00, Willow Road, burglar alarm, accidental or defective alarm; 10:55, Groton Street, suspicious activity.

P.M. 1:20, Police station, general services; 2:01, Church Street, medical, removed to hospital; 4:54, Littleton Road, vehicle accident; 6:03, Groton Road, assist citizen; 8:21, Fitchburg Road, burglar alarm, accidental.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

A.M. 12:31, Old Groton Road, medical, removed to hospital; 1:30, Park Street, vehicle accident; 2:10, Willard Street, assist citizen; 4:11, Groton School Road, disturbance, investigated; 5:49, Park Street, missing persons, returned; 6:59, Prospect Street, medical, services rendered; 7:52, Willow Road, burglar alarm; 9:38, Park Street, vandalism, investigated.


Saturday, Nov. 10: Hector E. Morales, 44, of Ayer, charged with operating under the influence of alcohol (fourth offense), speeding in violation of special regulation.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: David Bruce Bowen, 28, of Las Vegas, Nev.; charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.