Though I’m not worried at the moment, I will be making plans to pack our essential items into the van and prepare to depart if the need so dictates. Please tell all that we are fine and not worried.

It was so interesting to see Gavin awake this morning and the surprise on his face when I popped out of the kitchen. His eyes sparkled, with surprise, as though it were Christmas morning, and he had spied his presents. We shared a breakfast of baked chicken and shared our food with Olivia.

On a sad note, I personally have friends who have lost their homes. I’ve also developed friendships with people who happen to live in all areas of San Diego where the fires are burning –so sad.

We’re supposed to be in fire danger until sometime on Thursday or Friday, but all is predicates upon the Santa Ana winds. But for now we are fine.


California, formerly of Townsend