Thanks for the great effort at the Musical Petting Zoo


A small but enthusiastic group showed up in Volunteers Hall this past Sunday afternoon for the first event put on by the Harvard Friends of the Arts. The “Kids’ Concert and Musical Petting Zoo” was the brainchild of two Bromfield students: Marissa Dickson and Jeff Lee. Watching and listening to the six high school performers (and one parent) was a wonderful experience for the audience. Each performer talked about their instruments with knowledge and passion and pure joy. Their musical performances were all terrific! Best of all, the children attending the program had the opportunity to meet the musicians and try their hand at playing the banjo, guitar, violin, mandolin and other instruments at the conclusion of the show.

There was some discussion about holding the event again, perhaps in the winter (when the weather would not be so perfect for outdoor activities). If that happens, I strongly recommend attending!

Thanks to Jeff and Marissa for organizing the event and to the students (and one father) who educated us and played so beautifully for us: Tyler Alderson, Kelsey Marksteiner, Kyle Qualres, Lindsay Sherman, Kirstina Kronauer and her father Charles Kronauer. Thanks also to Library Trustee Roy Moffa and Library Director Mary Wilson for opening Volunteers Hall to us. Last but not least, thanks to Di Hall for her creative work with promoting the event.

The Friends of the Arts are planning more events soon. We’ll keep you posted.



Harvard Friends of the Arts