Force vs. Strikers

The Force played hard against an experienced Striker team this week. Goal scorers for the Force were Kaylie Ellison, Joshua and Christopher Colangelo, and Alexandra Bellemere. Ava Panacione, Luke Bocelli, Sophia Ronchetti and Ethan Reed each had an assist. Joey Doroski, Darien Ackerman, and Grace Colangelo made good defensive plays. Samantha Farrington, among others, showed improved ball control skills while playing hard offensively and defensively.

Blast vs. Crusaders

The Blast played the Crusaders with great teamwork and individual efforts. Aine Murphy, Erin Kaufman, Rachel Drahusz, Mark Anderson, Alexandra Sheenan, Madisyn Barnaby, Neris Archambault, Brian McCall, Nicholas Woolsey and brothers Ryan and Ayden McGrath all worked well together defensively. Their growing skills were evident on several pass combinations that were converted into goals. One of those combinations involved Rachel Drahusz for a corner kick to Alexandra Sheehan, which was then put into the back of the net by with great force by Ryan McGrath. Erin Kaufman’s goal kick to Neris Archambault who scored was another example of the kind of teamwork the Blast continues to exhibit. Madisyn Barnaby had a great defensive stop of a breakaway by Crusaders Chad Baker and then dribbled the entire field to score for the Blast. All the players continue to show great improvement in their dribbling and communication on the field.

There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing improving soccer skills and rising field awareness in the young U6 players and those were the highlights of the Renegades’ game today against Comets. On several occasions Matthew McMahon smartly slowed his progress toward the goal to allow teammates to join the attack and then passed the ball for better attempts, including for his younger sister, Ashley. Jeremy Sauer executed at least three skillful “pull-backs,” one of which he followed with a keen turnaround touch pass up-field to teammate, Brady Young, who took the ball to goal for a score. Nathan Zacharakis showed nifty skills weaving the ball back and forth through several defenders en route to the net for a score. And there were some exiting, long controlled runs for goals across more than half of the field by Sara Murphy, Anish Jain, and Jack Phoenix, who started his long run circling defenders in his own end before speeding downfield to goal. Evie Pepe and Paige Ventura also contributed with strong defensive plays, including a couple of deft takeaways right in front of their own goal.

The Earthquakes and Wizards played a hard fought game. The Earthquakes were led by the outstanding play of Julia Marple, Ian Skirkley and David Kimetto who all played fine defense, dribbled well and scored multiple goals. Isabelle Lovezzola and Erin Wilson both showed blazing speed and each scored a goal. Kiley Denault and Mik Masterson impressed with good dribbling skills. Kathryn Murphy, Max Phoenix, Tyler Russin and Jacob helped the cause with solid defense and hustle. Cassie Fagundes played aggressively and showed good passing skills. Thanks to coaches Erica McLellan and Tom Murphy for putting in their time and making it fun for the kids.

The Comets came ready to play a night game (like the big kids). Samantha Nett, Townsend Southard Pantano, Trent Kelley, Conner Farina, Olivia Troiano and Dillon Troiano all scored goals during the game against the Crusaders. The team of six did a great job dribbling the ball and were all great with their defensive plays.

The U10 United intown team took on the Freedom. Dimitry Jean-Laurent scored an exciting goal in the first moments of the game. Rylan Grondin, Elizabeth Marti, and Carter Kratkiewicz were fearsome on goalie duty, with Rylan trying for goals when out of the net. Bethany Cousins, Taylor Keating, and Emelia Misail were awesome on defense. Elise Wankel, Nathan Messina, and Samantha Wight were showing great teamwork and passing for goals.

The Spirit gave a great show of team unity as Kayli Grise and Lauren Wooldridge scored 3 goals each, Caroline Cournoyer and Kayla Landino scored 2 goals each, Eli Rusch, Timmy Burson, Kiely Hills, Sean Morrissey and Liam Scanlon scored 1 goal each. Timmy Burson, Lauren Wooldridge and Ryan Scanlon played terrific defense getting the ball for teammates as Kayli Grise, Caroline Cournoyer and Liam Scanlon showed off their dribbling skills.

The Comets were on fire as Conner Farina, Kylie Doehring and Samantha Nett earned many goals. Amanda Misch and Madeline Sampson provided the scoring opportunities with crisp passing and relentless effort. Stellar defensive plays were coordinated by Brooke Kelley, Isabelle Hallisey and Trent Kelley who broke up many of the opponents offensive drives and were rock solid protecting the goal. Olivia Troiano and Townsend Southard Pantano were tireless and showed tremendous hustle. While Dillon Troiano had fast feet as he dribbled around the opposing team. The Comets show great teamwork and are fun to watch!


Power vs. Fire

John Bell blazed by the Fire in the beginning to score a quick goal. Shortly thereafter, Hannah Nolan burned down the sideline and passed the ball into the middle where Maddie Harrington score one of her two goals. Another goal soon followed as McKenzie Mcguirk intercepted a pass and knocked the ball in the net. Owen Wankel provided solid defense to keep the Fire at bay. Chris McCall received a pass from Owen and beat a defender for a goal. In the second half, Jesse Sullivan crossed the ball to Seth Drahusz, who one-touched the ball into the net. The Power continued to scorch the Fire as Jesse, Noah Bestgen, Grace Doyle, Emma and Gracie Kinney all scored goals.