AYER — Seana Moran may have been a quiet 6-year-old in her first-grade classroom at McKay School in Fitchburg, but she said she always knew she wanted to “play teacher.”

She is now getting ready to begin her first year in front of students at the Page Hilltop School.

Parents and kids in Moran’s class will be pleased, said Page Hilltop Principal Robert Ackerman.

“I am very impressed with her enthusiasm and philosophy for helping kids,” he said.

Moran grew up in Fitchburg and attended Fitchburg State College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and is working toward her master’s degree. She has worked as a first-grade inclusion tutor in the Bolton School District for the past four years.

“I really feel that that experience has made me a better teacher,” she said. “I have worked with the greatest teachers, and they all made me the educator that I am today. My inclusion work has also made me very in tune to the children who may be struggling and may need a little boost.”

During the school year, Moran plans to send home materials to establish a strong school-home connection.

“I will send home information on what we’re doing and books to read at home,” she said. “I will also have a weekly newsletter and an updated Web site that I am currently creating. My most important job, and the job that I have been looking forward to for so long, is to help my kids enjoy school and to assist them in acquiring what I hope will be a life-long love for reading.” — Katrina Folger