AYER — The Police Department responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Sept. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 7:

Thursday, Sept. 27

A.M. 5:02, E. Main Street, assist citizen; 8:25, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity; 9:43, Washington Street, help incapacitated individual.

P.M. 3:30, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity; 3:37, Ayer District Court, disturbance; 5:34, train station, Depot Square, general services; 9:14, Pirone Park, suspicious activity.

Friday, Sept. 28

A.M. 12:28, Bubble It laundromat, Park Street, general services; 1:43, Littleton Road, disturbance, arrest; 6:39, Depot Square, assist other agencies; 7:10, J.P. Sullivan, Barnum Road, alarm; 8:44, Ayer Housing Authority, Pond Street, medical, taken to hospital; 11:16, McDonald’s, Sandy Pond Road, medical, taken to hospital.

P.M. 2:32, Bubble It laundromat, disturbance; 3:05, Mary’s Beauty Shop, Main Street, alarm; 4:10, Autumn Ridge Road, assist citizen; 8:36, Carlton Circle, animal complaint; 9:46, Mobil station, Main Street, suspicious activity; 10:45, Washington Street, suspicious activity.

Saturday, Sept. 29

A.M. 12:01, Willard Street, noise complaint, one arrest; 3:12, Littleton Road, noise complaint; 3:46, Apple valley Continuing Care, medical; 4:33, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 8:33, Catania Spagna, Nemco Way, larceny.

P.M. 3:04, Hibiscus Lane, general services; 6:16, Ayer High School, Washington Street, medical, one transported; 9:05, E. Main Street, general services; 10:09, Walker Road, suspicious activity; 10:18, West Street, suspicious activity; 11:44, Creative Kitchens, W. Main Street, suspicious activity.

Sunday, Sept. 30

A.M. 12:04, Willard Street, vandalism; 12:52, Elm Street, suspicious activity; 1:18, Grosvenor Street, suspicious activity; 1:45 Page Hilltop school, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 1:58, Ayer Middle School, Washington Street, property found, taken to station; 2:13, Federal Credit Union, suspicious activity; 2:18, Elm Street, unruly gathering; 2:23, Pingry Way, noise complaint; 2:50, Willard Street, suspicious activity, arrest made.

P.M. 12:07, Wagon Road, railroad complaint; 12:36, E. Main Street, possible restraining order violation; 1:15, Groton Shirley Road, suspicious activity; 4:24, Littleton Road, medical issue; 6:13, Littleton Road, annoying calls; 7:32, E. Main Street, animal complaint; 8:25, E. Main Street, arrest for restraining order violation; 9:30, police station, medical issue.

Monday, Oct. 1

A.M. 7:18, Sculley Road, vandalism; 10:47, Main and Washington streets, accident with damage.

P.M. 2:01, Howard Street, animal complaint; 5:53, Pearl Street, larceny; 9:27, Nashoba Valley Medical Center, assist other agencies; 11:54, Nashoba Valley medical offices, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity.

Tuesday, Oct. 2

A.M. 12:44, Williams Street, family disturbance; 1:31, same address, same problem; 6:30, same address, vandalism; 9:18, police station, general services.

P.M. 1:29, E. Main Street, break-in; 5:18, Westford Road, fire alarm; 5:33, Grosvenor Street, general offenses; 6:40, Atherton Street, break-in; 7:57, Grove Street, general services.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

A.M. 6:38, Grove Street, deliver paperwork.

P.M. 3:54, Main Street, vehicle stop and arrest; 4:41, Bishop Road, larceny report; 5:10, Willard Street, accident with property damage; 7:25, Fletcher Street, disturbance; 10:58, Groton Road, assist other agencies.

Thursday, Oct. 4

A.M. 12:06, The Willows, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 12:09, Page Hilltop, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 12:42, Tiny’s Restaurant, Groton School Road, suspicious activity; 3:47, K&W Tire, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 9:42, Main Street, vehicle problem; 11:23, Park Street, general services; 11:45, police station, assist citizen.

P.M. 12:54, Cambridge Street, medical; 2:59, Pearl Street, animal complaint; 4:37, police station, assist citizen; 5:32, Lawn Doctor, Bryan Way, suspicious activity; 8:39, Hatch Street, general offenses; 10:12, Madigan Lane, disturbance; 10:34, High School, Washington Street, suspicious activity.

Friday, Oct. 5

A.M. 12:01 Rail Trail lot, Groton Street, suspicious activity; 9;34, Allied Systems, Berkshire Blvd., general offenses; 10:42, police station, assist citizen; 12:00, Sandy Pond at Snake Hill, general offenses.

P.M. 12:39, Sandy Pond Road, accident; 5:19, Middlesex Bank, Newton Street, suspicious activity; 6:23, Town Hall, suspicious person, taken into protective custody; 8:12, Bligh Street, suspicious activity; 11:51, Optometrics USA, Nemco Way, suspicious activity.

Saturday, Oct. 6

A.M. 1:04, Willard Street, suspicious activity; 1:09, Norwood Avenue, suspicious activity; 2:05, E. Main at Carlton Circle, suspicious activity.

P.M. 1:11, UHaul self storage, Fitchburg Road, medical, one taken to hospital; 3:32, Old Willard Road, disturbance, one arrest; 11:2, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 11:22, Shaker Hills Golf Course, Shaker Road, suspicious activity; 11:49, Hannaford, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity.

Sunday, Oct. 7

A.M. 12:38, DWW Motorsports, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:11, Parthenon Pizza, W. Main Street, suspicious activity; 2:34, Willard Court, suspicious activity; 4:07, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 9:02, Ayer Housing Authority, Pond Street, medical.

P.M. 1:06, Epic Enterprises, Nemco Way, alarm; 1:10, New Hope Baptist Church, Sandy Pond Road, medical with transport; 2:34, Devens Plaza, W. Main, accident with damage; 4:20, Cambridge Street, suspicious activity; 5:07, Holmes Street, disturbance; 6:35, Old Veryfine building, Nemco Way, suspicious activity; 6:44, Park Street, break-in; 7: 40, Grosvenor Street, suspicious activity; 8: 34, Willard Street, disturbance.


Wednesday, Sept. 26: Michael S. Cohen, 21, of Ayer, charged with assault and battery, intimidating a witness and malicious destruction of property under $250.

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Nicholas B Ellis, 19, of Ayer, held on three default warrants.

Friday, Sept. 28: Cassandra Elice Croft, 21, of Ayer, charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, malicious destruction of property under $250, resisting arrest and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

Saturday, Sept. 29: Corey Sandate, 18, of Ayer, charged with keeping a disorderly house and underage possession of alcohol.

Sunday, Sept. 30: Christian J. Delgado, 22, of Ayer, charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony.

Sunday, Sept. 30: William G. Thomas, 51, of Hudson, Mass., charged with violation of a protective restraining order.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: Nicholas Ratta, 28, of Hollis, N.H., held on an outstanding warrant.

Friday, Oct. 5: Daniel Dodge, 39, no known address, was taken into protective custody.

Saturday, Oct. 6: Danny D. Boyd, 42, of Ayer, charged with aggravated domestic assault and battery.