GROTON — Mark these bills “uncollectable” and leave them in the ambulance.

Selectmen on Oct. 9 voted unanimously to write off money owed by customers for ambulance service that had been provided by the town.

According to town accountant Valerie Jenkins, the money could not be collected by the town’s collection agency for different reasons including not being able to find some of the customers, or the customers having since died.

Nevertheless, both she and fire Chief Joseph Bosselait expressed satisfaction at how little would actually have to be written off with Bosselait guessing the town had one of the best collection records in the state.

“I’m really pleased,” said Jenkins.

Written off by selectmen were bills totaling $1,200 for 2005 and $4,200 for 2006.

According to Jenkins, those sums were in addition to $9,000 for 2005 and $3,059 for 2006 that had already been written off.

Also, selectmen voted unanimously to appoint David Minott to a one-year post on the Trails Committee, in a term ending on June 30, 2008.

Minott told the board that, while born in Groton, he had lived in Shirley for many years before recently moving back to town. Since his return he had taken an interest in Groton’s trail system, after working as a volunteer helping to maintain trails at the Gamlin property. — Pierre Comtois