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SHIRLEY — Long ago, the Mohawk Club drew youthful revelers like moths to a light on a summer night.

Dark and silent for decades, the Mohawk was one of a string of nightclubs that lined Route 2A from Lunenburg to Littleton in the 1960s and 1970s. It wasn’t fancy, just a bar, a dance floor and a stage that showcased local bands, but according to one regular, Carolyn “CC” Webb, that was enough.

Now, she plans to resurrect the club’s glory days, if only for one more night.

After a brief revival in the 1980s, the Mohawk closed its doors for good. Today, the building is home to other businesses, but the great room that housed the nightclub is empty.

Outside, the Mohawk’s namesake “Big Indian” remains a towering landmark on Great Road. A rescued relic from a Mohawk Trail souvenir shop, the large icon was installed by the club’s owner, the late Stanley McNiff.

Inside, the stage is gone. Until recently, bands that played there were history, too.

CC, a New Hampshire-based promoter and producer, is one of many former regulars with memories of the Mohawk and its storied lineup. They shared friendships, feuds and the high-energy, plugged-in music that throbbed through it all like a loud heartbeat.

It was a heady time, she said.

Tapping into that wellspring, she staged a Mohawk reunion at the Bull Run Restaurant in June that was so successful, she’s holding another one Oct. 20.

The old club was eyed as a venue, she said, but it wasn’t safe, and the stage is gone. The restaurant offers all the right amenities, she said.

The first event sold out online six months in advance, she said, and played to a packed house two nights in a row.

“Everyone had such a great time,” she said. “People asked us to please do it again.”

The headliner this time is The Barker Gang, same as last time, when the star-studded playbill included Cindy Daley, from Lovelace; Michael Lunn, from Grand Illusions; and John Suttler, of Johanna Wild.

After so many years, people bonded enthusiastically, she said, and the atmosphere in the room, both nights, was “full of love.”

CC said she often gets e-mails sharing stories of the old days.

“Folks are really into this,” she said.

But she attributes the reunion’s success to more than nostalgia. Other factors include a resurgence of classic rock music, the “family atmosphere,” and people’s desires to rekindle friendships and settle old differences.

The Barker Gang hadn’t played together for 30 years, but the members have been relishing the experience and will be “100 percent intact for this concert,” CC said. Though there were snits when the group disbanded, she said the members have mellowed and are all friends now, glad to be making music again and “happy to be alive.”

“It’s been a healing experience,” she said.

CC, a former Miss Massachusetts who said she’s sung with Joe Cocker and the Rolling Stones, used to go to the Mohawk Club as a teenager, admittedly “underage.” She tagged along with a family friend she grew up with in Alaska, John Butcher. They both lived in Boston then.

“We enjoyed those days,” she said.

But some members of the old crowd have passed away.

“We will pray for them,” she said.

She said she often “got up” to sing with local bands at the Mohawk and plans to sing at the reunion. The list of celebrities also includes Hirsch Gardner, from the band New England.

The day of the event, doors will open at 7 p.m. for the concert, but if you want dinner first, plan to be there by 6 p.m. and call ahead for reservations. The number is (978) 425-2606.

The prelude act is brother-sister guitar duo Jarred and Krista Duffy, from Goffstown, N.H., whose parents used to hang out at the Mohawk. Every performer has a link to the old crowd, said CC, “even the lighting crew.”

By 8 p.m., the concert should be in full “rock-the-house-down” swing, she said.

“This is reliving history it’s not just a concert,” she said.

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