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One-member board meeting still finishes some business


TOWNSEND — The lack of a quorum forced a quick conclusion to a scheduled Board of Health meeting.

Vice Chairman James Le’Cuyer had informed the board that he would be absent from the Aug. 27 meeting, so when a family emergency prevented member Michelle Dold from attending, only Chairman Linda Tarantino was left.

The state open meeting law requires the majority of a board to be present for any decisions to be made, Tarantino explained to the several people who had attended the meeting.

Taratino said she didn’t want to do anything to violate the open meeting law, but wanted to make sure that there weren’t any pressing concerns that couldn’t wait until the next meeting, scheduled for two weeks later.

Julie Marron from Fitchburg Road, who was scheduled to discuss a manure management plan, asked if she could get some immediate feedback that night.

Tarantino suggested that she have Nashoba Board of Health agent Rick Metcalf, who was present at the meeting, take a look at the plan.

“He can’t officially take or accept the plan, but he can let you know if he sees any red flags,” said Tarantino.

Attention was then turned to Jesse Johnson and Scott Blackburn who had a septic plan for the Locke Brook Run multi-home subdivision.

Looking over the plan, Tarantino pointed out regulations she could see that would possibly require variances. She added that she couldn’t guarantee the variance would be granted, but it was the next logical step in the plan.

Finally, Tarantino turned her attention to Liz Lopes, about a nuisance complaint coming from a neighboring property on Fitchburg Road.

Lopes said there had been manure build-up on the property, which has caused an influx of flies.

Tarantino explained that Metcalf would drive by the property and attempt to assess the situation, so it could be discussed formally at the next meeting.

The next Board of Health meeting is scheduled for Sept. 10.

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