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TOWNSEND — Throughout Memorial Hall, the sound of jungle beats vibrated.

All summer long, the library has been providing community events based on the theme “Catch the Beat,” said library director Heidi Fowler.

In the latest event, the library invited professional percussionist Bob Bloom to perform at Great Hall last Thursday.

More than 50 kids and their families attended the event to watch Bloom play rhythmic beats from Brazil, Cuba, Africa and North America.

Bloom teaches hand percussion courses for children and adults at the University of Connecticut and Manchester (Conn.) Community College. He is certified as a “master teaching artist” by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

Children’s librarian Stacy Schuttler said she had heard of Bloom from local resident Nancy French.

“I took her recommendation,” said Schuttler, who said she was excited by the turnout.

Bloom’s demonstration included discussion of musical elements and then passing out several types of percussion instruments to let audience members participate. During the performance, Bloom passed out over 250 drums and percussion instruments for everyone to play together.

One song would have all the kids playing bongos to the beat set by Bloom, while in another kids would play maracas.

Together with Bloom’s singing, Memorial Hall was filled with the sound of percussion music.

Carrin Culotta watched as her three daughters played along.

“I love these events,” said Culotta. “They’re great for kids, especially during the summer.”

Susan Robbins played instruments along with her two sons and daughter.

“The library does a great job offering these services,” said Robbins. “The kids really enjoy them, and there’s some good things offered for adults as well.”

Upcoming events presented by the library can be found posted in Memorial Hall, on the library’s Web site at under “events,” or the posting board section in the Townsend Times.

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