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TOWNSEND — The Townsend Water Department is finishing up tests on the Witch’s Brook Water Company as the final purchase deadline approaches.

The original purchase agreement allowed until June 7 for the testing of pumps and water quality before the sale was finalized. That was later extended until July 13 and finally until July 17, after the Water Department requested for more time.

Water Superintendent Paul Rafuse said he appreciated that they were allowed more time to complete tests beyond the initially agreed upon time.

Already in are the results of testing the pressure of two pumps.

When pumps are first placed they are rated for how much water they can physically pump. The rating is significantly higher than what’s normally pumped, said Rafuse.

To make sure that the current pumps are capable of providing water at their maximum rating, the Water Department ran them at maximum pressure for an extended period of time.

Rafuse said the results were very good.

“We got a little bit more performance from the pumps that we expected,” said Rafuse.

Well number one is certified to pump 700 gallons per minute but was able to pump 800 gallons of water a minute for two days straight. Well number two is certified to pump 650 gallons per minute but was able to pump 750 gallons per minute for five days.

“There was excellent recovery time on both wells,” said Rafuse.

Rafuse said there was a focus on testing well number two because Department of Environment Protection reports had shown some low-level contaminates were present. The contaminants, while unwanted, are considered safe at their current levels.

Rafuse said it isn’t likely that the water samples from the pump test should differ from earlier tests, but it is important that everything is checked thoroughly.

Water quality test results from samples taken during the pump tests should be received by the end of this week.

“Barring any drastic changes in water quality, I don’t see any further delay or request for an extension,” said Rafuse.

The current deadline is July 27.

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