HARVARD — Bruce Ringwall, of GPR Engineering, met with the Planning Board to request a scenic road consent that his clients, Stow Road residents Paul and Hillary Kavanagh, need to remove trees to make way for a new driveway.

Ringwall said he’d been before the board once before about this issue, but at the time the plan only showed the tree canopy, not the individual trees.

The revised plan shows six or seven trees, depending on how they’re counted. The discrepancy is due to a tree “cluster” in which multiple trunks extend from a single root.

With the exception of one cedar tree marked for removal, none of the trees have a future, according to tree warden Christian Bilodeau.

“The largest one of the group is going to become a hazard,” said Bilodeau, who confirmed that three of the trees are already dead. The cluster tree is one of the dying trees.

“So the only ‘good’ tree is the cedar,” said board member Joseph Sudol.

But according to Ringwall, the cedar tree will block the line of site to the left of cars exiting the driveway.

There are many driveways that have this problem, said Sudol, but no one is planning to move those trees.

Many of those examples date back to before those roads were paved, Ringwall said, and this is a safety concern.

Board member Kara Minar is concerned about the number of trees being removed. She questioned how many removals are necessary. Having a diversity of trees is part of being a scenic road, she said.

Ultimately, it’s the board’s call, said Ringwall. The applicants’ first choice had been to use an existing path for a driveway, he said, but that was removed as an option due to wetland concerns, and the design of the new driveway is as required by the town.

All of the trees except the dying cluster and the cedar are within the construction zone, he added.

The board closed the hearing and voted to approve the application with the exception of removing the cedar tree. That issue can be revisited after the driveway is completed if there is a serious safety concern. The board also plans to look into pruning the tree.