HARVARD — The Police, Fire and Ambulance departments responded to the following incidents from Tuesday, July 10 to Monday, July 16:

Tuesday, July 10

A.M. 10:06, Police station, general services.

P.M. 1:55, Ayer Road, suspicious activity; 2:50, Fairbanks Street, medical; 6:52, Mass Avenue and Slough Road, traffic stop; 6:56, Old Shirley Road, traffic stop; 8:16, Lancaster County Road and McCurdy track, vandalism, shed door kicked in, report pending.

Wednesday, July 11

A.M. 1:34, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 1:41, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 2:04, South Shaker Road, suspicious activity.

P.M. 2:25, Ann Lees Road, suspicious activity; 3:15, Green Hill Road, medical; 3:41, Green Hill Road, traffic stop; 8:02, Still River Road, traffic stop; 9:21, Ayer Road and town line, traffic stop; 11:00, Glenview Drive, suspicious motor vehicle; 11:24, Ayer Road, traffic complaint.

Thursday, July 12

A.M. 3:05, Ayer Road, traffic hazard; 3:06, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:53, Bolton and Armstrong roads, traffic stop.

P.M. 12:05, Whitney Road, request to speak to police officer; 2:11, Blanchard Road, residential alarm; 3:29, Mass Avenue and Bolton Road, assist citizen; 7:35, Old Shirley Road, traffic stop.

Friday, July 13

A.M. 1:46, East Bare Hill and Cameron roads, gunshots heard; 2:37, Ayer Road and Myrick Lane, traffic stop; 5:14, Old Shirley Road, parked vehicle; 7:07, Bolton and West Bare Hill roads, traffic stop.

P.M. 1:26, Woodside Road, medical; 2:01, Stow Road, disabled vehicle; 6:20, school, request to speak to officer; 10:30, Poor Farm Road and Route 2, traffic stop.

Saturday, July 14

A.M. 7:02, Still River Road, check cemetery grounds; 10:13, Ayer and Old Shirley roads, general services.

P.M. 6:23, Bolton Road, disturbance, loud house party; 6:50, Still River Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 8:10, Harvard Depot Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 8:10, Ayer Road, banking center, traffic stop; 8:40, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:30, Brown Road, medical, Lifeline activation; 10:45, Ayer Road, suspicious activity.

Sunday, July 15

A.M. 6:47, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:11, same; 7:31, Route 2 westbound, traffic stop.

P.M. 12:47, Old Littleton Road, residential alarm; 3:10, town beach, disturbance; 3:15, Ayer Road and town line, telephone pole down, live wires; 3:15, Warren Avenue, tree down; 5:18, Old Littleton Road, tree down; 5:18, Deerfoot Trail, wires down; 5:18, Stow Road, Fire Department, lightning strike, tree fire; 7:37, Route 2 eastbound, traffic stop, tow; 10:45, South Shaker Road, traffic stop, tow; 11:21, Ayer Road, traffic stop.

Monday, July 16

A.M. 8:01, Ayer Road, minor motor vehicle accident, no damage, not investigated; 11:04, Pattee Road, general service, check RUOK.

P.M. 3:49, Ayer and Whitney roads, traffic stop; 5:49, Ayer Road, medical emergency; 6:43, Poor Farm Road, blue 10-speed bicycle left at side of road gone when owner returned, contact police with information; 8:21, police station, request to speak to officer; 9:43, Still River Road, check resident’s welfare; 11:48, Ayer Road, check parked vehicle, occupied.