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Groton — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, July 12, and Thursday, July 19:

Thursday, July 12

A.M. 12:26, Main and West streets, equipment violation; 7:26, Farmer’s Row and Groton School Road, vehicle disabled; 8:11, Main Street, request for ambulance; 10:03, Rail Trail, suspicious activity; 11:44, Main and West streets, found property; 11:45, Old Dunstable Road, area check.

P.M. 12:18, Townsend Road, area check; 4:55, Boston Road, fire; 5:04, Main Street, larceny under $250; 5:42, Boston Road, accident with personal injury; 7:39, Main Street, business alarm; 9:30, Main Street, lifeline; 9:36, Main Street, vehicle disabled; 10:20, Rail Trail, suspicious vehicle; 11:21, Boston Road, equipment violation.

Friday, July 13

A.M. 12:20, Powderhouse Road, equipment violation; 12:42, Boston Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 12:49, Boston Road, operating under the influence; 12:58, Main Street, business alarm; 2:11, Main Street, business alarm; 2:15, Willowdale Road, fire alarm; 2:28, Main Street, lifeline; 2:40, Chicopee Row, fire alarm; 2:54, Powderhouse Road, fire alarm; 3:07, Main Street, fire alarm; 8:29, Riverbend Drive and Long Hill Road, found property; 8:51, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport; 9:07, Boston Road, residential alarm; 10:26, Townsend Road, area check; 11:00, Valliria Drive, annoying telephone calls.

P.M. 12:54, Boston Road, traffic hazard; 3:14, Boston Road, traffic hazard; 6:00, Long Hill Road, breaking and entering of motor vehicle; 10:06, Gay Road, discharged fireworks; 10:12, Fairway Drive, residential alarm; 11:10, West Main Street, request for ambulance; 11:43, Boston Road, discharged fireworks.

Saturday, July 14

A.M. 2:08, Gay and Lowell roads, equipment violation; 3:31, Hayden Road, fireworks discharged; 6:05, Chestnut Hill Road and Orchard Lane, vehicle off road; 10:17, Boston and Sandy Pond roads, traffic control; 11:04, Lakeside Drive and Ridgewood Road, area check; 11:43, Townsend Road, area check; 11:50, Peabody Street and Old Ayer Road, accident with property damage.

P.M. 2:06, Flavell Road, mental health; 5:58, Duck Pond Drive, breaking and entering of motor vehicle; 6:25, Main Street, motor-vehicle lockout; 6:47, Townsend Road, area check; 6:57, Long Hill Road, area check; 9:36, Forge Village Road, hit-and-run accident; 11:58, Tavern Road, area check.

Sunday, June 15

A.M. 12:05, Boston and Forge Village roads, equipment violation; 12:16, Boston Road, equipment violation; 12:36, Boston Road, equipment violation; 1:07, Boston Road, equipment violation; 8:53, Sandy Pond Road, check person’s welfare; 11:09, Lost Lake Drive and Lowell Road, recreational-vehicle complaint.

P.M. 2:33, Duck Pond Drive, residential alarm; 3:26, Boston Road, fire alarm; 3:49, Joy Lane, traffic hazard; 4:25, Fletcher Hill Lane, traffic hazard; 4:46, North Street, suspicious vehicle; 5:02, Old Carriage Path, area check; 5:28, Main Street, fire alarm; 7:12, Boston Road, traffic hazard; 7:31, Martin’s Pond Road, animal cruelty; 8:18, Main Street, civil complaint; 11:51, Boston Road, area check.

Monday, June 16

A.M. 1:56, Willowdale Road, request for ambulance; 7:10, Willowdale Road, house lockout; 7:18, Main Street, motor-vehicle complaint; 9:24, Main Street, found property; 9:42, Boston Road, drugs possession.

P.M. 12:00, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport; 3:40, Boston Road, hit-and-run accident; 4:10, Fairway Drive, residential alarm; 5:07, Townsend Road, area check; 7:34, Old Ayer Road, check person’s welfare; 10:13, Main Street, suspicious vehicle; 11:06, Boston Road, missing person.

Tuesday, July 17

A.M. 3:28, Main Street, check person’s welfare; 11:11, Main Street, request for ambulance.

P.M. 12:09, Lost Lake Drive and Cypress Road, traffic control; 12:18, Nod Road, residential alarm; 3:47, Boston and Old Ayer Road, accident with property damage; 4:45, Main Street, accident with property damage; 5:23, Townsend Road, area check; 6:51, Townsend Road, suspicious vehicle; 6:58, Long Hill Road, suspicious person; 8:37, Gay and Ames roads, equipment violation; 8:42, Gay Road, equipment violation.

Wednesday, July 18

A.M. 6:16, Lost Lake Drive, accident with property damage; 6:30, Boston Road, check person’s welfare; 11:45, Old Dunstable Road, breaking and entering of building.

P.M. 5:26, Chicopee Row, motor-vehicle complaint; 6:32, Willowdale Road, house lockout.

Thursday, July 19

A.M. 1:22, Boston Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 3:49, Main Street, building found open; 6:38, Little Hollow Lane, fire.


Friday, July 13: Raymond T. Caronneau, 36, 68 Parker Rd., Shirley. Providing false name and social security number at arrest, license not in possession, operating motor vehicle with revoked license, subsequent offense of operating motor vehicle with suspended license, possessing open container of alcohol in motor vehicle, refusal to identify self, number-plate violation; Gregory M. Leblanc, 29, 28 Princeton Rd., Sterling. Marked-lanes violation, third offense of operating under the influence of liquor.

Monday, July 16: Kevin Howard French, 39, 147 Randall Rd., Stow. Possession of class D drug.

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