AYER — The Fire and Police departments responded to the following incidents between Tuesday, July 17 and Monday, July 23:

Tuesday, July 17

A.M. 7:09, Nemco Way, burglar alarm at the Catania Spagna Corporation; 8:24, Park Street, traffic citation; 9:41, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 10:22, Markham Circle, fraud reported; 11:17, Washington Street, general services; 11:58, Hatch Street, served paperwork.

P.M. 12:27, Littleton Road, disturbance; 12:49, ambulance to Gervais Ford; 1:05, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 1:48, Main Street, parking citation; 2:23, Littleton Road, disturbance; 3:17, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity at the Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 3:18, ambulance to East Main Street; 4:13, Carlton Circle, parking citation; 5:16, Park Street, assisted citizen; 7:09, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 7:19, Fletcher Street, animal complaint; 9:39, Central Avenue, burglar alarm at the Nashoba Valley Fitness Center; 9:57, Calvin Street, noise complaint; 10:59, Park Street, assisted citizen; 11:51, Groton School Road, hit-and-run accident reported.

Wednesday, July 18

A.M. 12:18, Central Avenue, suspicious activity, a person in the driver’s seat of a parked van ducked when police drove by, he was later arrested on warrant; 12:32, Central Avenue, warrant arrest; 12:35, West Street, suspicious activity; 3:36, Old Groton Road, disturbance; 4:45, ambulance to Nashua Street; 6:00, Washington Street, burglar alarm at the school complex; 6:07, Williams Street, vandalism; 7:46, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 7:48, Isaacs Lane, suspicious activity; 11:25, Fire Department sent an engine to Groton Road in response to an outside trash can fire.

P.M. 12:05, Ambulance to Willard Street; 3:35, East Main Street, animal complaint; 3:51, Columbia Street, police attempted to local a 14-year-old female who was being sought by the Department of Social Services. The young woman fled out the back door when police arrived, but was arrested shortly. During the arrest, the young woman’s uncle asked police what they were doing. Police discovered he had outstanding warrants for traffic violations and was also arrested; 5:54, ambulance to the hospital; 7:23, Old Groton Road, disturbance at the Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 7:45, Winthrop Avenue, noise complaint; 9:43, ambulance to Nashoba Park; 11:15, East Main Street, suspicious activity.

Thursday, July 19

A.M. 1:48, Westford Road, suspicious activity; 2:50, Westford Road, burglar alarm; 6:19, West Main Street, traffic citation; 6:33, Willow Road, burglar alarm; 9:43, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 9:52, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 10:40, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 11:45, Wright Road, assault reported, police advised civil action.

P.M. 12:51, Harvard Road, traffic citation; 1:20, Shirley Street, served paperwork; 2:19, Bligh Street, vandalism; 6:07, Groton Harvard Road, police and ambulance called to a motor vehicle accident; 6:43, East Main Street, assisted citizen; 9:48, Pleasant Street, assisted citizen; 10:47, Pleasant Street, noise complaint; 11:09, West Main Street, assisted citizen; 11:10, ambulance to Williams Street; 11:53, Robbins Road, general services.

Friday, July 20

A.M. 1:28, Main Street, suspicious activity; 1:59, Willow Road, assisted citizen; 2:25, Groton Street, suspicious activity at the Rail Trail lot; 2:36, Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:40, East Main Street, vehicle accident.

P.M. 12:03, Ambulance to Main Street; 1:49, Washington Street, assisted citizen; 4:24, West Main Street, weapons violations reported; 5:28, Robbins Road, served restraining order; 6:32, Willow Road, assisted citizen; 7:28, Pleasant Street, assault reported; 8:53, Shirley Street, served paperwork; 8:55, ambulance to Cottage Street; 10:24, Pleasant Street, assisted citizen.

Saturday, July 21

A.M. 1:13, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 2:01, Willard Street, disturbance call; 8:45, ambulance to Apple Valley; 10:37, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 11:25, ambulance to Holmes Street.

P.M. 12:00, Ambulance to Apple Valley; 2:19, Norwood Avenue, served paperwork; 5:22, Park Street, burglar alarm at Sovereign Bank; 5:32, Groton School road, traffic citation; 6:52, Main Street, suspicious activity; 7:00, ambulance to Isaacs Lane; 7:12, Douglas Drive, general services; 8:44, ambulance to Rail Trail parking lot; 9:24, Myrick Street, family disturbance; 10:32, ambulance to Shirley Street; 11:24, Faulkner Street, disturbance.

Sunday, July 22

A.M. 12:36, Ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley; 1:18, Park Street, assault reported; 1:22, ambulance to Ayer police station; 1:30, Calvin Street, noise complaint; 1:42, Sandy Pond Road, disturbance; 1:48, Park Street, assisted citizen; 2:38, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 3:14, Groton School Road, annoying phone calls reported; 4:22, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 8:34, Central Avenue, general services; 9:00, East Main Street, general services; 9:28, Central Avenue, burglar alarm; 9:39, Groton School Road, police called to family disturbance; 10:36, ambulance to Willard Street.

P.M. 12:47, Ambulance to West Main Street; 1:19, Holmes Street, general services; 2:48, Fire Department responded to a box alarm, sending two engines and a ladder to Vitasoy; 4:01, Fire Department sent a forestry truck to the Rail Trail; 4:22, Fire Department sent an engine and utility vehicle to assist the forestry unit with a brush fire; 6:18, East Main Street, traffic citation; 6:43, Groton Harvard Road, traffic citation; 7:38, Myrick Street, noise complaint; 8:45, Highland Avenue, general services; 9:02, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity.

Monday, July 23

A.M. 1:46, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 10:40, Groton Street, parking citation; 11:59, ambulance as mutual aid to Shirley.

P.M. 12:35, Ambulance to Pond Street; 1:34, 1:45, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 4:02, Coolidge Road, vandalism; 6:33, Main Street, parking compliant; 8:32, Depot Square, suspicious activity; 10:12, Pleasant Street, noise complaint; 11:02, Depot Square, incapacitated person; 11:46, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 11:48, Park Street, suspicious activity; 11:52, Park Street, suspicious activity.


Wednesday, July 18: Jeffrey Glidden, 19, of Fitchburg, arrested on a warrant; Paul West, 36, of Ayer, arrested on a warrant for traffic violations.

The Fire Department also had one auto lockout and one public assist.