Sports Editor

With vacation looming next week, I felt it was time to highlight some of the things I will remember from a busy summer, plus some other thoughts.

I really enjoyed watching the exploits of the District champion Pepperell 12-year old All-Star team. They played good baseball, both individually and collectively. I will watch the Little League championships in August with a renewed appreciation for the effort it takes to get there.

I am very impressed with both Groton-Dunstable basketball teams’ play during the summer. I really like the young nucleus that the boys team will be built around, and the way they performed during the summer. I wouldn’t mind hearing that a 6-6 transfer from Indiana moved into town, but I really like their future. I think the girls team has the pieces to be very good. They have the talent to be ten deep, and have worked hard throughout the summer. The improvement in a number of the players has been obvious. Whatever optimism coach Woods and coach Hennelly have is well founded.

I have watched the new-look Ayer girls basketball team a number of times in the summer and there is reason for optimism there also. They will be very young, but are aggressive, enthusiastic and willing to learn. They play with energy and heart and just need to start adding experience into the mix. They have shown up in big numbers throughout the summer, which is a great sign.

To me it will be a sad day when Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron’s home run record. Aaron was a classy superstar, both on and off the field. Enjoy it while it lasts, Barry because A Rod is coming like a freight train.

The start of youth football practices is just around the corner. Look for the heat wave to come in once they start. That just seems to be a tradition.

Before you Red Sox fans get nervous about the Yankees catching up, remember that it is 2007 and that Clemens, Pettitte and Mussina would be better off if it was 1997.