I received a little hate mail for last week’s column that was somewhat amusing in its hyperbole. All of it, however, arrived anonymously so sharing it would be dignifying it with a response. Mr. Pattenden donned his long pants and put his name on the one to the newspaper and for that his hyperbolic reply gets a hall pass. The newspaper will indeed have blood on its hands should any 9-year-old fail to be able to figure out how to exit a parked car by a busy grocery store in an insufferably pretentious, preppy enclave.

But enough of that drama; it’s summer, when the mind should wander and ponder with idle amusement all sorts of matters whimsical. To wit:

* How did they decide on Drew Carey to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right? Is it because Drew is a hit with the nursing home crowd or did they test-market Rosie O’Donnell and decide they needed someone 50 pounds lighter and with a sense of humor?

* It’s almost August and the Red Sox are seven games up in the loss column against the Yankees. Why am I still nervous? We may have reversed the curse, but they still seem to mess with our heads.

* I love Jon Lester’s story. Barry Bonds, Michael Vick and the NBA ref betting on games are, sadly, way more representative of the way in which professional sports dominates the media.

* The Patriots, of which I am a season ticket holder, look to be unstoppable this year, which leaves me more than a little nervous. Prohibitive favorites rarely go wire to wire.

* Bill Belichick will throw Randy Moss off the team before Thanksgiving. He’s just that big of a cancer.

* I used to love the Bruins and the Celtics, but I just don’t care anymore.

* The 2008 presidential election will be the first time since 1928 that there hasn’t been an incumbent president or VP in the mix. If politics is America’s greatest spectator sport, then this race should be one of the better ones in recent memory. I haven’t a clue who will emerge, but I would love it to be someone who will eschew attack dog politics. Positions notwithstanding, Obama’s got a positive and upbeat message on the left. Huckabee is self-deprecating and sincere on the right. Personally I’d love to see a centrist candidate emerge and marginalize the extreme right. Perhaps then the Republican party would resemble something I could recognize and support with enthusiasm.

* Who do I need to contact on the Grotonfest Committee about renting booth space? I want to get the exclusive rights to market Grotonfest 2007 yarmulkes. If those are good sellers, perhaps next year I could revive the excessively smarmy “Baby on Board” window decals so popular with yuppies a decade or so ago. I was also thinking of a T-shirt to sell with the silhouette of an equestrian in full dressage get-up (given Western is so, well, unrefined) with the caption, “Help: I’ve climbed onto my High Horse and I can’t get down.”

Mr. Woollacott is president and founder of Renaissance Group International Inc., a market research and consulting firm focusing on the information technology market. Contact him directly at