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TOWNSEND — Flyers are occasionally posted to bulletin boards and e-mails forwarded to employees by administrative assistant Carolyn Smart, advertising available services from the Wellness Corporation.

“They’re very helpful,” said Smart about the firm, “but I think a lot of employees don’t realize what’s available to them.”

The Wellness Corporation is covered in the costs for Worker’s Compensation, provided by the Massachusetts Education and Government Association, and offers a variety of services including an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and workplace training programs.

Part of the EAP is the Web site, which contains an extensive database of information for town employees. Some of the information is health-based, ranging from cancer to halitosis. Another section includes articles on personal finances, and yet another has information on all sections of the law.

A search of a single topic — hair loss — results in 33 videos, two FAQs, three articles and a link to an external site. Searches for other topics lead to similar results.

If an employee’s concerns are not resolved by a search of the Web site, confidential, short-term counseling with a professional counselor is available.

If the employee’s concerns are legal in nature, free legal consultation by phone, and referral to a local attorney, is available.

Even if employees don’t take advantage of the EAP services, they’re likely to become more aware of the Wellness Corporation in the future. Smart said she wants to schedule monthly workplace training programs beginning in September.

Training workshops for topics such as a drug-free workplace, sexual harassment and performance appraisals are useful to the town, said Smart.

According to Smart, town employees have to sign forms saying they’re aware of topics like sexual harassment, but by offering the workshops it decreases the town’s liability in case of a lawsuit. Smart said that by proving workshops, it’s easier to prove they have a well-enforced policy.

Smart said that, like the EPA, the workshops are also free.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t take advantage of it,” said Smart.

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