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Sidewalk construction near Town Hall to take two weeks


TOWNSEND — Entering Townsend from Lunenburg on Route 13, it’s tempting to turn left quickly onto Route 119, assuming there will be clear sailing.

For the next couple of weeks, however, drivers will have to be much more cautious. In a project that started on July 9, the Highway Department is replacing the sidewalk in front of Town Hall and Cliff’s Café.

Construction will take place “off and on for about two weeks,” said Highway Superintendent Ed Kukkula.

Kukkula said he didn’t expect the project to impact traffic too negatively.

“The only time we’ll have to really stop traffic is when the cement trucks come,” said Kukkula.

A detour will be put in place at that time to keep traffic moving, said Kukkula.

He said redoing the sidewalk in front of Cliff’s and Town Hall was part of the goal to improve all of the sidewalks surrounding the town common.

“It’s the natural progression of the work we’ve already done,” said Kukkula.

Once the new sidewalk is completed, it should look more attractive than the current asphalt-coated path. The new sidewalk is being constructed with cement and granite curbing.

Stretching about 700 feet, granite curbing costs $34 a foot, said Kukkula. The concrete itself costs $140 per cubic yard, and the entire project will end up costing $55,000.

“The cost of fuel is killing everything,” said Kukkula.

Kukkula said that six years ago, the concrete would have cost $55 per cubic yard.

He estimated that similar projects would continue to rise in cost above the percentages covered in the Highway Department’s budget.

For now Kukkula is focused on completing the project smoothly.

“It’s going to be really nice when everything’s done,” he said.

Kukkula said the new sidewalk should last a few decades before replacement becomes necessary.

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