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SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, June 25 and Sunday, July 1:

Monday, June 25

A.M. 7:58, Andover Police Department, training; 8:32, Leominster Road, abandoned 911 call; 10:00, Keady Way, report writing.

P.M. 12:41, Little Turnpike Road and Great Road, motor vehicle complaints; 3:42, Harvard Road, noise complaint; 3:50, Harvard Road, noise complaint; 7:05, Keady Way, officer wanted; 7:18, Main Street, railroad complaint; 7:21, Center Road, animal complaint; 7:34, Keady Way, assisted other agency; 8:08, Hazen Road, animal complaint; 8:53, Cottage Street, investigated sexual assault offense; 9:03, Keady Way, investigation.

Tuesday, June 26

P.M. 12:57, Center Road, animal complaint; 12:59, Front Street, animal complaint; 3:21, Lancaster Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 4:42, Clark Road, investigations; 5:39, ambulance sent to Horse Pond Road; 7:08, Front Street, officer wanted; 8:02, Clark Road, motor vehicle accident with injury; 9:40, Front Street, property lost or stolen; 10:43, Front Street, officer wanted.

Wednesday, June 27

A.M. 12:32, Front Street, suspicious activity; 12:53, Walker Road, burglar alarm; 5:21, Ayer Road, traffic citation; 8:44, Clark Road, investigations; 10:22, Keady Way, officer wanted.

P.M. 12:06, Keady Way, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 12:43, Patterson Road, investigations; 2:39, Fire Department to Lancaster for mutual-aid; 3:48, Peabody Road, animal complaint; 3:57, Townsend Road, breaking and entering; 6:40, Keady Way, report writing; 7:58, Keady Way, property lost or stolen; 9:55, Ayer Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:55, Front Street, burglar alarm.

Thursday, June 28

A.M. 6:29, Fredonian Street, motor vehicle lockout; 8:55, Keady Way, investigations; 9:13, Parker Road, motor vehicle complaints; 11:03, Little Turnpike Road, burglar alarm.

P.M. 12:51, Lantern Way, assisted citizen; 1:11, Great Road, noise complaint; 1:34, Fredonian Street, suspicious activity; 3:59, ambulance sent to Fredonian Street; 5:02, Ayer Road, motor vehicle lockout; 6:54, Devarney Court, welfare check; 9:17, Front Street, motor vehicle accident, no injury.

Friday, June 29

A.M. 8:47, Keady Way, motor vehicle lockout; 9:23, Leominster Road, motor vehicle complaints; 9:48, Townsend Road, investigations.

P.M. 5:33, Ambulance sent to Longley Road; 7:07, Keady Way, assisted citizen; 10:24, Walker Road, noise complaint.

Saturday, June 30

A.M. 1:13, Longley Road, noise complaint; 1:30, Ayer Road, animal complaint; 3:14, Fredonian Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 10:03, Catacunemaug Road, property lost or stolen; 10:11, Lancaster Road, burglar alarm; 11:59, Groton Road, motor vehicle complaints.

P.M. 12:31, Catacunemaug Road, burglar alarm; 11:29, Lancaster Road, motor vehicle stop, party to be summonsed.

Sunday, July 1

A.M. 12:02, Mount Henry Road, investigations; 12:56, Front Street, traffic citation; 1:12, Center Road, motor vehicle stop resulting in arrest; 3:28, Davis Street, noise complaint; 10:13, Front Street, business burglar alarm.

P.M. 1:49, Great Road, assisted citizen; 5:30, Clark Road, domestic disturbance resulting in arrest; 5:47, ambulance sent to Keady Way; 7:20, ambulance sent to Keady Way; 8:37, Catacunemaug Road, animal complaint.


Sunday, July 1: Adam Ahola, 27, of Shirley, charged with marked lanes violation, OUI liquor; Cassandra Jellis Werthman, 54, of Shirley, charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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