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AYER– Police are investigating a rash of break-ins that took place the week of Independence Day.

Police logs show four burglary-related incidents reported by downtown business between July 5 and July 6. No arrests have been made and police are not releasing any information, said police Lt. William Murray.

Hardest hit was Adopt-a-Video on Central Avenue, which lost an estimated $270 in cash and coins in the early hours of July 6. Police suspect the perpetrator(s) gained access by smashing the store’s glass door, which was noticed by a pedestrian at approximately 4 a.m., said Murray.

“The alarm was sounding and glass was still falling out of the door,” he said.

Criminals had less luck the preceding night with the Illusions Tanning Resort, J. P. O’Hanlon’s, and Bel Espirit salon. In the first two cases, the would-be perpetrator was denied entry through a secondary door and resorted to breaking door knobs.

J.P. O’Hanlon’s owner Rod Jennette termed the incident an inconvenient surprise, but noted it could have been worse.

“It’s a bit of a nuisance, but we’re fortunate they didn’t get in,” she said.

While the thieves were able to enter Bel Espirit through a window, nothing was reported stolen, said Murray.

“They actually made entry but there was nothing for them to take,” he said.

Murray termed it “more likely than not” the three Main Street incidents were linked. However, he said heavy rains that night likely eliminated outdoor clues from the crime scene.

Overall, he said there was nothing too unusual about the attempted break-ins on Main Street.

“It’s not a regular, routine event, but unfortunately it does happen,” he said.

Another break-in was reported at a Sandy Pond Road home on the afternoon of July 4. The homeowner claimed that over $1,000 in pain medication and a change jar were stolen while he was away.

The house was reportedly locked but police found no signs of forced entry.

Murray said police are uncertain if there’s a connection with the other crimes.

“(There’s) nothing to link that yet,” he said.

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