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AYER — Following the receipt of separate violation notices, residents Glen Kornichuk, of Wright Road, and Cynthia Esielionis, of Central Avenue, have met with the Conservation Commission to discuss the issue.

Kornichuk had been sent a notice regarding pruning he’d done around a stream on his property. Commissioners said they understand he’s just trying to clean up the area, but that streams are protected areas that require a negative determination on a request for determination of applicability or an order of conditions for any work done within the buffer zone.

Kornichuk hadn’t used any machinery, said Commissioner David Bodurtha, but without these rules some people will simply fill in such areas. The commission decided to conduct a site walk on June 16.

Esielionis was sent a violation notice regarding the installation of a pool. Timothy Gilbert, of Littleton Pool Co., who installed the pool, also attended the meeting.

Gilbert said he’d measured 118 feet from the edge of nearby Flannagan’s pond to the proposed pool’s area of disturbance and installed silt fence. He said one of the commission’s former members informed him of problems on the site, and within 24 hours he had hay bails in place as well.

It’s a common misconception that the edge of the water is the edge of the wetland, said commission Chairman William Daniels, and the only way to establish the wetland is to have a wetland biologist flag the wetland line.

“It certainly sounds like you are interested in doing the right thing,” said Daniels.

The commission scheduled a site walk for June 16.

“I’m assuming, based on these photographs, that there aren’t going to be any issues,” said Daniels.

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