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From the Harvard police log, June 26 through July 2:

Domestic Disturbance

Police were called to a Poor Farm Road residence last Tuesday morning about a domestic incident between a father and son that occurred in Groton. The son, who is a minor, was taken to the hospital.

Fire Dept. and Medical Calls

*Smoke detectors going off in an empty house on Shaker Road Tuesday evening alerted a neighbor, who called to report it. A firefighter crew entered the home and located the problem, faulty smoke detectors on the second floor.

*Police assisted the ambulance crew in responding to a Cruft Lane residence Wednesday afternoon where “a party had consumed too much alcohol,” said Officer Jack Izzo. The person was taken to Nashoba Valley Medical Center in Ayer.

*A log entry listed a structure fire at 61 Ayer Road last Saturday afternoon, but the home was not involved. Materials being burned too close to the house triggered the call. The fire was extinguished without incident.

*Town Hall employees were evacuated briefly on Monday morning, July 2, after a smell of gas was reportedly detected in the building. Officer Izzo said the gas company responded and apparently either located the source of the odor or determined there was no problem. The employees were allowed back into the building, he said.

*A Still River Road resident called the fire department Monday afternoon to complain about a brush fire on the south post area of Devens. Fire chief Robert Mignard spoke to the resident, Izzo said, and explained that Devens is not in Harvard’s jurisdiction. About an hour later, the Devens fire department called Harvard for assistance. The Harvard fire department sent a brush truck and a crew of four firefighters to the south post area.

*An individual was taken by ambulance from the town beach to Nashoba Valley Medical Center Saturday with a leg injury.

Suspicious Activity

*The director at Green Eyrie Girl Scout campground, located off Still River Road on the shore of Bare Hill Pond, called to report the sound of an argument going on in a boat offshore. Officers who responded didn’t hear the sounds she was referring to, however.

*A safety hazard reported in the roadway on Mill Road early Wednesday morning turned out to be a towel.

*Later that morning, an Ayer Road resident and business owner called to report that two males in a vehicle had pulled into the driveway, apparently wanting to buy metal they’d seen in the yard. After the owner asked them to leave, Officer Izzo said, the passenger in the vehicle used “foul language” directed toward her son. The incident had occurred the night before.

*A UPS driver dropping off packages at a Littleton Road home Wednesday afternoon noted a suspicious vehicle in the driveway with two occupants and reported it to police. When the driver returned to the home later that day, he reportedly saw the boxes he’d left earlier in the road, empty.

Officer Jack Izzo said the incident was connected to an arrest the next day, when the car, and apparently the same two individuals, went back to the same address.

Izzo was off duty and checking out the area Thursday morning in his own vehicle when he spotted the suspicious car and called Officer Kim Healey. With backup from Littleton police, Healey arrested Michael Karpowski, 22, of Ayer on an outstanding warrant. Karpowski was also charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license and illegally attaching registration plates. The alleged theft, however, wasn’t added to the charges. “There was no proof,” Izzo said.

*A caller reported a green Toyota with a man inside parked amid the landscaped hills at Bellevue Cemetery off Still River Road Friday afternoon. Asked what he was doing there, the man told police he was “looking at the view.”

*Officer Danielle Paganelli on her way to work Friday night noticed a light on in the back of the Westward Orchards farm stand on Mass. Avenue. She found an unlocked door and a light left on in the basement. She shut the light off and secured the door.


A Warren Avenue resident called to report that all four windows of a vehicle parked on the property had been broken, apparently deliberately. Officer Healey responded and determined the incident was most likely an act of vandalism, but the caller had neither seen nor heard it happen. The matter is under investigation and officers will patrol the area more frequently, Officer Izzo said.


A resident of Fox Glove apartments on Ayer Road reported that a jewel box containing a gold watch and two expensive brooches had been stolen from her apartment sometime prior to last Friday afternoon. Officers found no evidence of forced entry and the owner did not note any other items missing. The matter is under investigation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

*The owner of Hatch-Jennings on Ayer Road called for emergency assistance Friday around noon after spotting a tractor-trailer rollover accident near the intersection with Route 2, which is close by the business. The Massachusetts State Police responded, with assistance from Harvard fire and ambulance departments. The Harvard ambulance transported two individuals to Leominster Hospital.

*A three-car crash on Ayer Road sent a mother and her three small children to the hospital to be checked for injuries Monday afternoon. Apparently, the woman, who had been traveling north, caused the crash when she turned into the parking lot at Pizza Bella and cut into the path of an oncoming pickup truck traveling south on Ayer Road. The truck broadsided the woman’s van and scraped the side of another vehicle trying to avoid the collision. The third vehicle, which was coming out of the parking lot, sustained only minor damage. The van driver, who is from Fitchburg, was issued a written warning, Officer Jack Izzo said. Harvard police, ambulance and fire departments responded, along with a tow truck.

Liquor Law Violation

Sgt. John Coates, who works the night shift, dealt with a group of young people he found with alcohol in their possession late Monday night at Ann Lees and South Shaker Road. The minors were released to their parents and the number plates of their cars were recorded, Officer Izzo said. Later that night, near midnight, a noise complaint resulted when the parents of those teens apparently stayed in the area after the earlier incident. Officer Gregory Newman spoke to the parents and asked them to quiet down, Izzo said.

Mutual Aid

*Bolton police stopped a motor vehicle with front-end damage on Warner Road Monday afternoon that they believed might have been involved in a mishap in Harvard. Officer James Babu found pieces of the vehicle on East Bare Hill Road and Brown roads, but it was determined that the collision, perhaps with a stone or other large object in a nearby yard, had occurred in the other town, Officer Jack Izzo said.

*Boxborough police called for assistance after a paintball hit a bicyclist’s tire on Mass Avenue Sunday night. Officers Hughes and Izzo responded but the culprit wasn’t located.

Threatening Behavior

*Police were called to the transfer station early Saturday morning after a resident allegedly spoke threateningly to a DPW employee working there. The man was reportedly trying to get in to the dump before it opened. Police talked to the man about the incident, Officer Jack Izzo said.

*Police also spoke to the driver of a motor vehicle spotted operating erratically Tuesday night on Depot Road. The 911 caller said the vehicle had been slowing down, speeding up and rolled through a stop sign. The driver was issued a written warning.

*Officers didn’t find the speeding motor vehicles spotted on Depot Road after the fireworks Saturday night. The vehicles were reportedly driving in and out of the loop at the end of the road, which is private property.

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