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AYER — The Board of Selectmen has granted a liquor license for the new restaurant “Thirty-One Main Street,” which will open shortly at the Page-Moore block in the space that was formerly Temptations.

The request was granted unanimously by the selectmen after a brief public hearing with proprietors Karen and Mark Ingle on July 10.

The Ingles currently run a baking and sweets establishment at the Devens Plaza and are looking to establish a family restaurant in the downtown.

“What we’d like to do is be open pretty much for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days per week,” said Karen Ingle, who said her background includes extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. She’s also been taken multiple courses on serving alcohol safely and successfully.

Ingle said they want the establishment to have a takeout counter/bar that would have about a dozen seats, where people could have a beverage while awaiting food or a table.

“We’re not creating a bar atmosphere, where you’d come in and drink all night,” she said. “Everything is food-related.”

Overall, the board was impressed with the application and granted it unanimously after a short discussion.

Ingle said the restaurant space is currently being renovated and that the opening date would hinge on that.

“(We’re opening) as soon we can,” she said. “It’s all the construction schedule.”

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