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AYER — The Fire and Police departments responded to the following incidents between Tuesday, July 3 and Monday July 9:

Tuesday, July 3

A.M. 7:30, Main Street, traffic citation; 8:50, West Main Street, served paperwork; 9:14, Doug Road, served paperwork; 10:01, Nashua Street, served paperwork; 10:12, Old Groton Road, served paperwork.

P.M. 1:19, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:51, Main Street, suspicious activity; 6:01, 6:12, West Main Street, traffic citation; 6:29, Barnum Road, served paperwork; 6:58, Sculley Road, served paperwork; 7:10, Park Street, served paperwork; 9:26, Nemco Way, general services; 9:45, Groton School Road, general services; 9:51, East Main Street, burglar alarm at the Ayer Public Library; 10:15, East Main Street, traffic citation; 11:38, West Main Street, traffic citation; 11:45, Columbia Street, noise complaint.

Wednesday, July 4

A.M. 12:55, Park Street, assisted citizen; 3:07, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 3:08, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 6:26 Sandy Pond Road, general services; 9:12, Park Street, serve restraining order.

P.M. 4:59, Groton Street, suspicious activity at the Rail Trail lot; 5:46, Sandy Pond Road, burglary reported.

Thursday, July 5

A.M. 3:40, Littleton Road, noise complaint; 8:50, Harvard Road, assisted citizen; 8:58, Main Street, destruction of property reported, police found a doorknob broken off the Main Street Tanning Salon, though the perpetrator apparently did not gain access; 9:40, Main Street, attempted burglary at J.P. O’Hanlon’s; 10:18, Pleasant Street, driver’s window of a parked car reported smashed; 10:39, Main Street, burglary at Bel Esprit salon.

P.M. 12:43, Bligh Street, animal complaint; 2:08, Park Street, vehicle accident; 4:58, Groton School Road, noise complaint; 5:04, Groton Street, animal complaint; 7:45, Oak Ridge Drive, burglar alarm; 8:00, Willow Road, burglar alarm; 11:15, Brook Street, animal complaint; 11:18, Groton School Road, general services.

Friday, July 6

A.M. 12:04, Park Street, suspicious activity; 12:08, East Main Street, traffic citation; 12:44, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 1:23, Park Street, disturbance; 1:28, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 1:57, Molumco Park, suspicious activity; 2:04, Main Street, suspicious activity; 2:14, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 2:27, East Main Street, suspicious activity; 4:15, Central Avenue, burglary at Adopt-A-Video; 5:55, Fitchburg Road, burglar alarm; 9:44, East Main Street, traffic stop ending in an arrest.

P.M. 2:13, West Street, served paperwork; 4:29, Shadow Lane, animal complaint; 5:19, Harvard Road, assisted citizen; 5:21, Nemco Way, burglar alarm at Catania Spagna; 8:20, Robbins Road, general services; 10:08, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 11:23, Main Street, traffic citation; 11:34, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 11:47, Littleton Road, traffic citation.

Saturday, July 7

A.M. 12:04, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 12:09, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 12:51, Cambridge Street, man arrested on charge of drinking in public; 1:04, West Main Street, liquor law violation; 2:24, Main Street, suspicious activity; 2:44, Shirley Street, domestic disturbance call; 4:11, Park Street, general services; 4:28, Park Street, traffic stop ending with an OUI arrest; 5:57, Shirley Street, domestic dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend ending with an arrest; 8:29, Groton School Road, traffic citation; 9:24, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity.

P.M. 6:09, Hatch Street, disturbance; 7:13, Rosewood Avenue, general services; 7:35, East Main Street, general services; 11:38, Pearl Street, suspicious activity.

Sunday, July 8

A.M. 12:26, Groton Street, suspicious activity at the Rail Trail parking lot; 12:28, Main Street, suspicious activity at Sovereign Bank; 12:34, Littleton Road, suspicious activity at the Mango Grill; 12:45, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 12:58, Bishop Road, suspicious activity; 1:15, Westford Road, suspicious activity; 2:53, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 3:24, Main Street, suspicious activity; 4:58, Wright Road, toilet paper, eggs, and paint scratches reported on a parked 1999 Toyota Avalon. A nearby mailbox was full of maple syrup and bark mulch; 8:14, West Main Street, suspicious activity; 9:23, Fitchburg Road, animal complaint; 10:25, Holmes Street, general services; 10:45, Groton Shirley Road, general services; 10:53, Main Street, general services; 11:16, Fletcher Street, general offenses; 11:27, Spectacle Road, vandals knocked over a gate to gain access to the Spectacle Pond area.

P.M. 1:52, Washington Street, eggs and baloney put on a parked vehicle; 3:21, Willow Road, suspicious activity; 3:22, Westford Road, suspicious activity; 4:17, Sandy Pond Road, assisted citizen; 5:12, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 6:35, Elm Street, disturbance; 8:03, Berkshire Boulevard, suspicious activity; 8:47, Groton School Road, assisted citizen; 9:13, Fletcher Street, assisted citizen; 11:44, Park Street, suspicious activity.

Monday, July 9

A.M. 12:31, Park Street, assisted citizen; 1:51, Fitchburg Road, burglar alarm at Turbo Lube; 4:11, Groton Street, bicycle found at the Rail Trail; 5:34, Fitchburg Road, assisted citizen; 7:50, Westford Road, traffic citation; 8:33, Main Street, traffic citation; 9:30, Groton Shirley Road, pursue stolen from an unlocked vehicle; 9:44, Park Street, assisted citizen; 10:15, West Street, served paperwork; 10:24, Old Groton Road, served paperwork; 10:34, Central Avenue, youth in street.

P.M. 12:46, Westford Road, served paperwork; 1:26, Littleton Road, fraud; 3:30, Washington Street, assisted citizen; 4:30, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 7:48, Willow Road, burglar alarm at KMW Tire company; 7:48, West Main Street, burglar alarm at Pantheon Pizza; 7:55, East Main Street, burglar alarm at the public library; 8:15, Snake Hill Road, general services; 8:41, Washington Street, suspicious activity; 10:34, Groton Street, vandalism at the Rail Trail parking lot; 11:10, Park Street, suspicious activity; 11:56, East Main Street, served restraining order.


Friday, July 6: Patricia Galvan, 37, of Ayer, charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Saturday, July 7: Benjamin Marshall Phillips, 30, of Ayer, charged with violation of a town bylaw, public drinking. Lisa Beausoleil, 34, of Ayer, charged with OUI-liquor. Jack Lorenz, 42, of Ayer, charged with assault and battery.

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