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SHIRLEY — A letter from an attorney on behalf of develop Calvin Moore, trustee of Executive Estates Trust, requests a meeting with the Board of Assessors about a 15.3-acre open space parcel at the Moore Drive subdivision, Executive Estates.

Ten homeowners at the subdivision hold an interest in the land, for which a conservation restriction was issued when the town approved the definitive subdivision plans, according to the letter from attorneys Perkins & Antcil, P.C.

Moore has received a tax bill for the parcel, the attorneys state, and is seeking assistance from the town to establish an alternative arrangement that would assess and bill each lot owner’s taxes separately.

“As a practical matter, the administrative costs of apportioning these taxes among the parcel owners and tendering the taxes to the town of (Shirley) (all within the 30-day period required to make timely payments of these taxes) greatly exceeds the modest annual taxes of $386,” the letter says.

The assessors agreed at their July 9 meeting to have assistant assessor Rebecca Caldbeck arrange the meeting with Moore, who, the letter says, will pay the taxes at that time.

The board agreed, however, that it is not the responsibility of the town to bill each homeowner separately for the taxes, as urged in the letter.

Caldbeck suggested that a mechanism similar to a condominium owners association could be established. Then the association could assess a yearly fee to be collected from the landowners for their portions of the yearly costs incurred on the parcel as a whole.

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