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AYER — This past fall, over 1.4 millions juniors took the PSATs. Ayer High School student Nicole Wenstrom received one of the top 50,000 scores in the country.

Her ranking has allowed her to send her scores through the College Plans Reporting Service to two colleges of her choice. Those colleges can then communicate with Wenstrom about educational opportunities and scholarships that may be available to her.

She’s also in the running to become a 2008 National Merit Scholar. She will find out this fall if she will have that honor bestowed upon her.

Wenstrom, who has lived in Ayer all her life, is crazy about math.

“I love math,” she said. “I really look forward to going to that class, and I can’t wait to take calculus next year.”

Wenstrom, who has two younger sisters, said she’s always loved school and takes her schoolwork very seriously.

“My parents don’t push me to do my work,” she said. “I push myself.”

Wenstrom is also a cheerleader for an all-star program and participates in the mock-trial programs that run from November through February.

Although she hasn’t singled out any colleges yet, she knows she would like to pursue a future in secondary education as a math teacher or become pre-law.

When she first started at Ayer High School, she had Bill Beaushene, who is now retired, as a math teacher. He was so inspiring, she said, that she decided she might want to be an educator herself.

“He made math so interesting, and he made it easy to understand,” she said. “In his class, I started to feel the concepts clicking, and that was an amazing feeling.”

Along with Beaushene, her current math teacher, Brigid Killian, and English teachers Melanie Wittmier and Paula Sullivan have also inspired her.

AHS Principal Donald Parker said he’s very proud of Wenstrom.

“Nicole is an outstanding student who consistently shows drive and ambition,” he said. “I’m sure that we will see great things from her and her future endeavors.”

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