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Tree-cutting, drainage issues crop up at Apple Orchard Estates


SHIRLEY — Bruce Ringwall, of GPR Engineering, and Joseph Cataldo, of GFI-Shirley, have met with the Planning Board to discuss concerns with construction at the Apple Orchard Estates development on Windsor Road.

Tree-cutting recently occurred there, said Ringwall, and concerns have been raised about which lot the cutting was conducted on. He said the trees that were cut appeared to be in someone’s back yard but in fact were on a separate lot.

In the future they need to properly provide notice to residents, board Chairman Charles Colburn said at the June 7 meeting, and lot markers and boundaries need to be in place, especially now that there are residents with children in the area.

While the board was discussing the site, Department of Public Works (DPW) Director John Lynch said the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has OKd the site to proceed to the next level of drainage work as laid out in the DEP’s order of conditions.

The board still has concerns about drainage because a peer review by Shirley’s drainage consultant is still ongoing.

Board member Neal Guthrie asked what impact, if any, the Planning Board could have on the DEP’s decision.

The DEP has simply said the site meets its requirements, said board member John Rounds, now it has to also meet the Planning Board’s requirements. The board had previously given Lynch the authority to act on its behalf to approve the ongoing drainage work, and it voted to extend Lynch’s authority through the next two phases of drainage work on the site.

In a related issue, the board spoke to Lynch about the recently raised concerns of excessive drainage flowing near Harvard Road and whether it’s from the Apple Orchard Estates development.

Lynch said he’d inspected the site and couldn’t find anything linking the two. The source of the flow appeared to be groundwater breaking through to the surface, he said.

The drainage problem on Harvard Road predated Orchard Estates, he said, as older documentation mentions it. Lynch recommends the issue be brought to the attention of Shirley’s drainage consultant, particularly as it relates to the Apple Orchard Estates drainage review.

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