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GROTON — The Board of Selectmen reappointed 155 citizen volunteers to serve in positions and on various town boards, committees and commissions. According to Fran Dillon, chairman of the board, “citizen volunteers are the important backbone of town government and that’s one of the reason’s why Groton’s town government functions so effectively.”

The board also noted there are still openings on various town committees and they encouraged citizens to get involved with the operation of town government. Outlined below are some volunteer opportunities.

Archives Committee: Established in 1987, the seven-member committee is appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen to ensure that town records are cataloged and properly stored as archival materials, particularly old town records. Currently there are six openings.

Commission on the Handicapped: Appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen, the six-member Commission on the Handicapped is responsible for researching local problems of people with disabilities, coordinate and carry out programs to address issues, and ensure the town is in compliance with state and federal regulations. There are currently five openings.

Finance Committee: Established by local bylaw, the Finance Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen as an advisory committee and is highly engaged in the preparation of the annual operating budget for the town. The nine-member committee currently has two openings.

Sustainable Community Committee: Created in April 2007, the Sustainable Community Committee has yet to be appointed but the selectmen are actively seeking citizen volunteers to serve on this new committee. Among its many objectives will be the drafting of a Sustainable Community Plan. There are 13 openings.

Any citizens who are interested in serving on one of these committees should contact the selectmen’s office at (978) 448-1111 or go to the town Web site, Board of Selectmen, and complete the committee interest form.


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