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WESTFORD — The following awards have been given to the following students from Nashoba Valley Technical High School:

Academic awards

* English: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend.

* Mathematics: Steven Berrigan, Pepperell.

* Physical education/health: Courtney Kuzmitch, Groton.

* Science: Corey Blaisdell, Pepperell.

* Social studies: John Griffin, Ashby.

* World languages: Ryan Chamberland, Pepperell.

Vocational technical awards

* Automotive collision repair and refinishing: Kevin Babcock, Pepperell.

* Dental assisting: Tiffany Dias, Pepperell.

* Electrical technology: Lauren Trickett, Pepperell.

* Electronics/robotics: Ryan Jones, Shirley.

* Health assisting: Kyle Pugh, Shirley.

* Machine tool technology: Bryan Fox, Shirley.

* Office technologies and telecommunications: Amy Doyle, Shirley.

* Plumbing and heating: Brandon Stuart, Townsend.

Technical proficiency awards

* Automotive collision repair and refinishing: Evan Greathead, Pepperell.

* Banking, marketing and retail: Alisha Carney, Townsend.

* Carpentry and cabinetmaking: Christopher Rossi, Shirley.

* Culinary arts: Ian Brine, Groton.

* Electrical technology: Kyle LeClair, Townsend.

* Electronics/robotics: Adam Cormier, Ashby.

* Engineering technology: Ryan Chamberland, Pepperell.

* Health assisting: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend.

* Horticulture: Aaron Racette, Townsend.

* Office technologies and telecommunications: Matthew Denault, Pepperell.

* Plumbing and heating: Steven Berrigan, Pepperell.

Miscellaneous awards

* American citizenship: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend; Amy Doyle, Shirley; Stephen Forbes, Pepperell; Evan Greathead, Pepperell; Charles Meharg, Townsend; and Steven Modica, Townsend.

* Certificate of academic excellence: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend.

* District E Athletic Association: Joshua Coole, Pepperell.

* Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Outstanding sportsmanship: Charles Meharg, Townsend.

* Massachusetts Vocational Association Secondary Award: Evan Greathead, Pepperell.

* Outstanding athlete/scholar: Evan Greathead, Pepperell.

* President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend.


* Adams MCAS: Corey Blaisdell, Pepperell; Ian Brine, Groton; Cherisse Carlo, Townsend; Derek Dearborn, Groton; Amy Doyle, Shirley; Stephen Forbes, Pepperell; Nathan Gower, Ayer; Matthew Helmer, Pepperell; Zachary Jones, Leominster; Lauren Lamphier, Pepperell; Steven Modica, Townsend; Emily Tennyson, Shirley; and Stephanie White, Shirley.

* Ayer-Harvard-Shirley Rotary: Amy Doyle, Shirley.

* Bemis Associates: Amy Doyle, Shirley.

* Booster Club: Charles Meharg, Townsend.

* Car Star Autobody: Brian Annese, Pepperell; and Matthew Helmer, Pepperell.

* Comcast Leadership: Stephen Forbes, Pepperell; .

* F.L. Waters: Ian Brine, Groton.

* Groton Women’s Club Merit: Steven Holmes, Groton.

* Groton/Pepperell Rotary: Evan Greathead, Pepperell.

* IRA Motor Group: Matthew Helmer, Pepperell.

* Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union: Steven Bentley, Townsend.

* Lucien Menard Memorial: Adam Cormier, Ashby.

* Michael Chiasson Memorial: Steven Berrigan, Pepperell.

* Michael Lorden: Steven Bentley, Townsend.

* Massachusetts State Police: Corey Blaisdell, Pepperell; and Derek Goodwin, Groton.

* Middlesex Savings Bank: Derek Dearborn, Groton.

* North Central Chamber of Commerce: Cherisse Carlo, Townsend.

* Pepperell Business Association: Corey Blaisdell, Pepperell; and Ryan Chamberland, Pepperell.

* Pepperell Lions Club: Stephen Forbes, Pepperell.

* Pepperell Women’s Club: Evan Greathead, Pepperell.

* Ted Lekas Memorial: Steven Modica, Townsend.

* Thomas LaMasurier Memorial: Joshua Coole, Pepperell.

* Town of Groton: Ian Brine, Groton.

* Townsend Business Association: Charles Meharg, Townsend.

* Westford Against Substance Abuse: Amy Doyle, Shirley.

* Westford Women’s Club Merit: Kevin Babcock, Pepperell; and Brandon Stuart, Townsend.

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