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Comets vs. Renegades

The Comets were well prepared for the last game of the season. On offense, James Kimball, David Kinetto, McKenzie McGuirk, Joseph McGuirk, and Matthew McMahon scored goals. A highlight also included Rachael McGuirk’s first goal of the season assisted by her big sister McKenzie McGuirk. Defensively, Kayla Landino, Jacob Myers and Baylie Rajaniemi all displayed outstanding ball control and passing. A special thanks to the coaches, see you in the fall!

Force vs. Kixx

The Force played a tremendous final game of the season, showing all the skills they learned during spring soccer. Rachael Pember and Caroline Cournoyer played some incredible offense while Sophia Lanzilotti, Evie Pepe, and Jack Phoenix were all very strong on defense. Showing off some great dribbling skills and hustle were Kylie Doehring and Marshall Mondou. The Force’s great teamwork allowed Amanda Bowley and Brian McCaffery to score many beautiful goals.

It was the last game of an exciting season for the Kixx. Daniel Abbott, Erin Bourgeois, Alison Hannon, Emily Plummer and Allie Sheehan made some great goals. Frank Bester, Trent Kelly, Olivia Spoth and Blayre Piper made some terrific defensive plays to stop the Force from scoring. At one point, Sheehan brought the ball up the field, passed to Spoth, who passed to Bourgeois for a great goal. Hannon had some assists to Plummer which led to several goals. Thanks to Coach Chris, Coach Jon and Coach Shannon for a great season!


Galaxy vs. Bulldogs

Both the Galaxy and the Bulldogs were shorthanded but put out great efforts. The Galaxy made strong defensive plays with Seth Drahusz and Christopher TenBroeck heading off many of the Bulldog goal attempts. Samantha Lynch and Rachel Tortora were also strong on defense and made some great passes to teammates. The Galaxy never gave up and Dylan Petito and Sam Cousins displayed great offensive moves while helping out the team. Elizabeth Malley had several nice shots on goal. Good teamwork by all made for a great game.

Galaxy Vs. Wizards

The Galaxy played a tough game, getting goals from Christopher TenBroeck, Kathryn Diaz and Dylan Petito. Elizabeth Malley and Adam Rubinic played strong defense and were excellent in blocking goals. Seth Drahusz and Samantha Lynch made several goal attempts while displaying good footwork and passing. Max Phoenix and Samuel Cousins proved to be team players with some great assists and by covering the ball well. Great way the end the season Galaxy!!

Phantoms Vs. Bulldogs

Delaney York of the Phantoms played splendidly and helped out her team immensely with her “don’t give up” attitude and positive spirit. As always, Christie Rose Woodside was at the top of her game, using physical play to stop the opponent’s momentum. Felicia Spoth’s blazing speed rewarded her with a goal, and success on both sides of the ball. Kelsey Carlson was not going to be out hustled or out muscled by anyone. Her fearless play brought about some shining moments for her on the field. Katie Barron played with the rock of consistency that she has shown all year. Ryan Accomazzo’s play was extraordinary with drawbacks freezing opponents dead in their track and focus that was unmatched. Connor Clermont was a defensive standout, pushing opponents to the max to get by him, and demonstrating awesome balance and coordination in getting off a beautiful one-touch goal that was passed between the seams of the opponents from Garrett Leao. Garrett himself was simply unstoppable and provided his opponents with a workshop on footwork and determination. Sam Bowley was a man on the mission and his rocket launched shots on goal struck fear into the hearts of the opponents. Finally, Ryan Ludford charismatic play was topped off with the trick of the century for soccer. After dribbling the ball around the opponents, he took a rest and sat on the ball for a moment. With the opponents baffled, Ryan proceeded to get up and start to dribble with the ball again past the defender to take a shot on goal.


Freedom vs. United

The Freedom received great hustle from Moncia Desmond, Tiffany Chhouy, and Alexander Featherston. Andrew Carney and Collin Pember were offensively strong, scoring and assisting on goals. Justin Mercurio and Andrew shared duty at goalie, making some awesome saves. Olivia Willett and Elizabeth Marti were up and down the field following the ball wherever their team needed them. Mckenzie Normandin showed great determination and hustle both defensively and offensively.

In a hard-fought contest, the United’s passing was strong, and their defense led by Hannah Sheldon kept the ball moving while forcing the opponent outside to protect goalies Rylan Grodin and Mitchell Tine, who both played exceptional games in net. The offense was fueled by Amber Joyce, who scored a hat trick while adding numerous other chances offensively. Solid heads-up passing and ball control made this all possible with amazing assists by Taylor Keating and Graylen Scarsdale. Taylor and Graylen kept the defense backing up into their own end all afternoon. Owen Wetherell, Evan Rist, Lexi Powers and Victoria Vitale controlled the mid field with tireless hustle on both sides of the pitch for the United. A big thank you to all of you for a very enjoyable season.


The Pepperell girl’s U10A team played a mid-week make up game in Chair City, and came with their cannons loaded. In a show of offensive firepower, the girls scored 8 goals; two by Julia Sheehan, two by Marissa Drahusz, and one each by Blaire Izbicki, Alannah Daly, Samantha Donohoe, and Kayla Delaney. Sam, Alannah, and Blaire complemented the offensive showing with some strong goalkeeping, while Gabriela Trust and Allyson Lynch provided strong support at defense.

The GU 10A team faced a tough Westboro opponent on Saturday. Gabriela Trust started the scoring for Pepperell, carrying the ball from the defensive end and unloading a shot from the top of the penalty box. Brittany Belanger played a strong half in goal making many key saves. Most of the first half was played in the middle of the field as Shalee Callahan, Kayla Delaney, Allyson Lynch and Gabriela worked hard to deny the Westboro offense. In many instances, they won the ball and turned it back up field. Haley Nolan, Samantha Donohoe, Blaire Izbicki, Julia Sheehan, Marissa Drahusz and Alannah Daly pressured the Westboro defense as Nolan and Donohoe attacked aggressively as the outside forwards. Pepperell’s last goal was assisted by Daly and scored by Izbicki. Callahan earned a shutout in net as the referee called the game shortly into the second half due to a heavy downpour.

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