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PEPPERELL — Beginning June 25 or shortly thereafter, the telemarketing firm of All-Pro Productions will be soliciting money on behalf of the Pepperell Firefighters Association.

Fund-raiser chairman firefighter Den Connors and Capt. Milt Blood of Engine Co. 1 requested that information be printed so that residents will know the request is genuine.

“There are so many scams and solicitations going on regarding firefighters that we want to assure residents this is our main fund-raiser for the year,” Blood said. “The money is for all the stuff we support.”

That “stuff’ includes Little League, church organizations and Scouts.

Blood was last year’s chairman and is helping Connors with the task this year.

“All-Pro is the same company that handled last year’s fund-raising,” Blood said. “The message will ask for donations and mention complimentary tickets to a comedy show in August. They are not supposed to identify themselves as the Pepperell Fire Department but they are working for us.”

Blood said local firefighters became aware of the firm when it was hired by the Massachusetts Call Firefighter Association.

“I’m not a fan of telemarketers but they do a really good job,” he said. “They monitor everything closely.”

Blood said the Fire Department and the Fighters Association are different entities.

“This is us (not management),” he said. “And throughout the year each company also does its own campaigns.

“The most important thing is that this is legitimate, and not, say, a California organization trying to raise money for firefighters from Wisconsin,” he said.

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