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SHIRLEY — Representing 68 Walker Road LLC, attorney Ray Lyons has asked the Planning Board if it’s possible to rezone 68 Walker Rd. from residential to industrial.

The site is currently used as an industrial site, Lyons said at the board’s June 7 meeting, and the applicant is interested in using the site for computer recycling, a process that would involve no chemicals or hazardous materials.

Town meeting makes decisions on rezoning, said board member Jonathan Greeno.

The concern with changing the zoning to industrial is that, as it currently is zoned, all of the town boards get to decide if there is ever a change of use, said member Neal Guthrie, but if zoned industrial the owner could change it without notice.

Board member John Rounds suggested a condition be placed on the site specifying that all industrial uses would be by special permit.

Lyons said he understands the town needs to be careful and maintain some controls on the site, but on the applicant’s side, the buyer’s lender needs to be able to see that the site’s zoning supports its use.

A concern raised by Colburn is that a rezoning subcommittee had looked into protecting Walker Road as a residential community a while back. He did concede, however, that Lyons has the support of the majority of the board to at least continue discussing the possibility.

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