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TOWNSEND — “I just don’t remember if I thanked them.”

Townsend resident Valerie Adams has been looking for the two good Samaritans who helped her when she was injured in February.

“I stopped at the Brick Store in Townsend to get some pepperoni; they have the best in town,” said Adams. “Outside of the store, I hit a patch of ice and fell right onto my back.”

The fall caused three fractures in her spine and a collapsed disc.

“The pain was just incredible,” said Adams.

The pain distracted her and she doesn’t remember everything that happened, but she remembers some details clearly.

A man sitting in a maroon pickup truck quickly got out and went to her aid.

“He asked me if I was OK and told me not to worry,” said Adams. “He was just a very nice man.”

Adams said the man seemed average in height and weight, but she clearly remembers that he had a neat, shortly-trimmed beard.

As he stood by her side, his companion, a younger-looking woman, tall and thin with long, dark curly hair, exited the store carrying a bottle of milk.

Together, the two strangers waited with Adams to make sure she was OK.

“It felt like an hour,” said Adams, who knows it was closer to 20 minutes.

Once Adams recovered from the initial shock of the injury, the two Samaritans helped her into her yellow Jeep. After making sure that she was able to drive, the two went back to their truck and left.

“I never asked their names,” said Adams. “I don’t even know what direction they went in.”

In order to process insurance claims from the injury, there needs to be a witness of the accident. Adams said that if the man who helped her came forward, she could receive reimbursement for the medical treatments she needed, including the back brace she wore until last week.

The fractures in her spine have healed, but the collapsed disc will have lifelong repercussions.

“Even if there was no insurance at all, I’d be looking for them to say thank you,” said Adams. “In this day and age, there are so many people that keep going without turning their heads. I’d hate for someone to be that nice and not have gotten a thank you.”

Adams hopes that she can find the people who helped her.

“If the people who helped me read this, they can call me,” said Adams, who may be reached at (978) 597-8080.

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