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HARVARD — Department of Public Works Director Richard Nota has submitted an amended improvement plan for town roads that allocates Chapter 90 highway funds the town receives from the state to start work. The plan includes using stone sealer on roads that can still be saved.

The Board of Selectmen, at its May 22 meeting, signed documents authorizing the expenditure, which was discussed in detail at the previous meeting. At that time, Nota presented a priority list of town roadways that should be upgraded while they’re still worth saving, excluding Lancaster County Road, which he said has gone beyond that point and will take a major overhaul to fix.

He also presented an itemized equipment wish list, most of which the board supported.

At the last meeting, Nota proposed using a new paving method called stone sealer. He explained what it is and how it works.

It sounds like a good idea, board members said, but they want to proceed with caution.

Chairman Lucy Wallace suggested a trial run.

This week, town administrator Timothy Bragan presented Nota’s reconfigured plan, which calls for paving a 3,300-square-foot portion of Pinnacle Road so that residents can check it out. The rest of the work is on hold, pending citizen input.

Asked how residents will be informed when a neighborhood is slated for road work, Bragan said Nota will likely use the electronic board included in his equipment list if it arrives in time. Otherwise, nobody knows of a notification process that’s in place.

The board agreed that a work schedule should be published in local newspapers.

Bragan said he’d relay that information to Nota.

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