SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, May 14 and Monday, May 21:

Monday, May 14

A.M. 10:51, Ayer Road, motor vehicle lockout; 10:53, Keady Way, report writing.

P.M. 1:17, Townsend Road, animal complaint; 2:15, South Street, animal complaint; 4:04, Lancaster Road, officer wanted; 4:18, Front Street, disabled motor vehicle; 5:33, Great Road, officer wanted; 6:01, Great Road, investigation; 6:09, Scott Glen and Hazen Road, brush fire; 6:15, ambulance sent to Center Road; 6:38, Keady Way, served restraining order.

Tuesday, May 15

A.M. 6:10, Mount Laurel Circle, business burglar alarm.

P.M. 2:43, Hospital Road, suspicious activity; 3:37, Keady Way, officer wanted; 4:05, Keady Way, officer wanted; 5:46, Hunter Lane, animal complaint; 6:29, Great Road, officer wanted; 6:49, Harvard Road, suspicious motor vehicle.

Wednesday, May 16

A.M. 12:16, Great Road, warrant arrest; 5:33, Peabody Road, investigation; 6:27, Hospital Road, fire service call; 11:59, Leominster Road, box alarm.

P.M. 12:14, Groton Road, suspicious activity; 3:00, Shaker Road, box alarm; 3:02, Phoenix Street, box alarm; 3:36, Chapel Street, suspicious activity; 3:50, Fredonian Street, investigation; 4:52, Townsend Road, animal complaint; 7:55, Center Road, domestic disturbance; 9:27, Lancaster Road, burglar alarm.

Thursday, May 17

A.M. 9:17, Harvard Road, animal complaint; 11:20, Keady Way, investigation.

P.M. 4:12, Mill Street, served summons; 4:18, Front Street, attempted to serve summons; 4:23, Fredonian Street, served summons; 4:29, Harvard Road, attempted to serve summons; 5:32, Center Road, traffic citation; 5:47, Great Road, officer wanted; 6:08, Leominster Road, recreational vehicle complaint; 6:14, Hospital Road, officer wanted.

Friday, May 18

A.M. 3:03, Kitteredge Road, suspicious motor vehicle.

P.M. 3:59, Great Road, suspicious person; 10:13, Lunenburg Road, assisted other agency; 10:38, ambulance sent to Patterson Road, call resulted in arrest.

Saturday, May 19

A.M. 2:44, Ayer Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 8:50, Leominster Road, animal complaint; 10:32, Chapel Street, abandoned 911 call.

P.M. 12:44, Fredonian Street, vandalism investigation resulting in arrest; 4:11, Front Street, noise complaint; 5:16, ambulance sent to Clark Road; 8:40, Townsend Road, suspicious motor vehicle.

Sunday, May 19

A.M. 2:55, Lancaster Road, burglar alarm; 9:34, Front Street, officer wanted; 3:23, town streets, suspicious motor vehicle; 3:27, traffic citation resulting in warrant arrest.

P.M. 6:07, Keady Way, officer wanted; 6:31, Longley Road, abandoned E911 call; 8:18, Townsend Road, domestic disturbance resulting in arrest.

Monday, May 21

A.M. 1:09, Church Street, domestic disturbance resulting in arrest; 4:17, ambulance sent to Front Street; 5:24, ambulance sent to Nashua Street.


Wednesday, May 16: Dennis P. St. Martin, 50, of Shirley, warrant arrest.

Friday, May 18: Andrew Grace, 19, of Shirley, charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

Friday, May 18: Sarah Grace, 17, of Shirley, charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct.

Saturday, May 19: Robert Ellin, 26, of Devens, charged with property vandalism.

Sunday, May 20: Wesley M. Garrett, 20, of Shirley, warrant arrest.

Sunday, May 20: Romulas Trantea, 36, of Canton, charged with assault and battery on a disabled senior citizen.

Monday, May 21: Shannon D. Turner, 43, of Shirley, charged with wanton destruction of property.