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HARVARD — Residents voted against a disposition scenario that would have created a municipality at Devens during the fall 2006 Special Town Meeting and the subsequent Town Election.

On May 22, the Board of Selectmen approved — by a 3-2 vote in each instance — motions that the board:

* Seek the retention of Harvard’s historic lands, pending the result of a comprehensive, professional study of the effect of resuming jurisdiction on Harvard and the surrounding towns in the north central Massachusetts region.

* Does not, at this time, support creating a new municipality on Devens.

The board hereby informs all interested parties, including our elected state legislators, the office of the governor, MassDevelopment and its agents, that, at this point in time, this is Harvard’s official position on disposition.

The board will request the full cooperation of MassDevelopment and all state agencies involved with Devens in the coming weeks. It will seek the full disclosure of the practical and financial implications of what restoring jurisdiction of Harvard land within Devens will mean for the future of Harvard and all of the citizens that reside within its boundaries.

The board expects that this cooperative approach will include a direct and ongoing dialogue with MassDevelopment and the governor’s office as well as the use of professional consultants and analysts to collect and evaluate all necessary data related to offering a disposition scenario for the future of Harvard land at Devens that achieves agreement and support within Harvard and provides for the economic revitalization of the region that was envisioned in the reuse plan for Fort Devens and in the manner described by the guiding legislation of Chapter 498 of the Acts of 1993.

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